Friday, December 31, 2010

Flash Back

Less than 24 hours...
Maybe its because 2011...
20th ....
My friends said it just number...
Nothing else...
Is it? Because I see many things beside numbers...
Many incident had happen in 2010..Too many that I can't really list all of them..
From I sat for matriculation's final exam..Grad from it...From Pahang back to KL..
Work as 7E worker..Then continue my study in local university to take a degree ..
Then finally I get what I dreamt for ..a laptop..*LOLx*
Then ..Love..from many friends..lover..
And Lord Allah..
I treasure everything..Really.
Life is so awesome !!!! 
2011 ~ I'm coming !
2011 is going to be an awesome year !! InsyaAllah !!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Beautiful Pearls

I want to train myself how to cry elegantly,because I always cry,in a messy way.
If my tears can be as beautiful as pearls from deep deep ocean,I want it to be cried with "Korean" style, just like how those Korean actress do in the drama or movie.
Make fun of myself,ya I do.
I found that now I can hold my tears for a longer period,
how awesome .
Crying in the middle of the night has become my new hobby.
Want to see me cry?
Just hug me.

I miss my say o oppa.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I can't breath

For a moment,
I think I killed by jealousness,again.
He can tell her how much he love her, right in front of the whole world.
She can tell him how much she miss him,right in front of the whole world.
I'm jealous.
I think I am.
Ya,I am.
I need ..
I need ..
Someone to say out loud : I miss you ! I love you !
Even in my dream,I yearn for it.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Oh My Goddess

I love this song very much even before I watch the music video.After look at this video,I just LOVE it~
It give me the comfortable feel~The morning breeze..The flower...The girl's smile...The singer's voice..The lyrics...

Rock,but not too rock,that's why i love it.

I still remember how I know this group,they feat with DBSK/TVXQ ,the top male group in Korea few years back in Tri-Angle.Still is one of my favourite song.Just love the lyrics.

Oh ya,I healed myself.
By travel alone,as usual.
I'm ok now.Not as emotional as yesterday.
I feel better ,really.
Tears stopped.
For this moment.
I still can weave my smile. ;]

Monday, December 13, 2010


Until this night..I never know that other people's happiness can make me feel so sad.

I can't stop the tears,again.

I really thanks those who clicked the "like" on my facebook status all this time,whether you'd clicked it many times...Or even just... once.

It means a lot to me.

At least I know,there are still someone who notice about me.

That I am not alone in these critical moment,not only me and Lord.

For those who can't understand the metaphore.Its ok.

For you,who are reading this post.

I love you.

In the end,he still never click it.Even though I asked him to ...

Even though I say its okay.But , a wish is a wish.

Even though it never happen,I still...


Friday, December 10, 2010

A tribute for him,someone I don't know

53 minutes ago,I saw my friends,Kairo's Facebook status.From there,I learnt a love story.
A real story,
a sad love story,
yes,with a tragic ending,the hero died.

At first I was suprised as the hero has 4 mutual friends with me on facebook,but I'm not really close with that four friends.

His name was Alviss Kong ,aged 22.The heroin?Unknown.But who cares?
They used to date for 4 months,but that 4 months had turned her the person that he love the most in the world.
He can die for her..And he did.

He wrote a note on facebook before he decided to take action on what he said earlier.He planned it.He would die at 12 am on 9/12/2010.But seems like he reviewed his life before he really jump from 14th floor of his apartment,for 2 hours.

His last post on facebook before he made the love suicide jump:
Sorry To My Beloved Family ♥ Take Care
at 2:05 am   like .  Comment
Over 1,800 "likes" and more than 1,200 comments.

I scroll down ...

Alviss' Last Note.
with over 7200 "likes" and over 4900 comments.

Scroll down...

Count Down For 45 Mins...What should i do in this 45 mins ?
at 11:15 pm   like . comment   I have no need to mention the numbers again.Meaningless.

Hope everyone will take care of their beloved one...Do not let them slip away from u before it's too late ! :)
at 11:00 pm

谢谢你给过的一切...对不起,没能让你拥有再去尝试的信心 :) 我已决定把你放走...也把自己放开(Translation: Thanks for everything you gave me..Sorry,for not being able to let you have the confidence to try it again :) I've decided to let you go..and my ownself too.)
at 10:13 pm

tonight will knew whether its true or prank

at 9:50 pm

Original note was in both chinese and english.I've translate it in english,I never dare to post the original version.As it was his note,his note for her.

~ Alviss Last Note~

XMB(her name in short form)
In your world...what is love?
I've thrown away everything just to let you stay..But you can push me away,once and once again,emotionless.
You said you love me..You said you never change..It just that you don't wish for it already..Don't want it already..No matter how I did..Still,don't want.
Your cruelness..really gave me the determination to kill myself.
Is it sound stupid...?I feel stupid too..I said that I love you..I said it I meant it..I'll love you till the moment I die.
Now I said it too..I want to end my life.
Its not all because of you..It just that in my world..Only exist love...and you are the person that I love the most.
Really thanks for the last memories that you gave me today...In the cinema,at the moment you hug me..I felt that all the feelings came back.
It just that i never were still determined...
You've change..You said you still love me..but I realize you indeed in love with the feeling when you were with them..
Love...I've been a sucks player on it..Twice loved..I've turned myself to some form that I have no idea what it is..
Just feel regret..that even in the last don't even give me the chance to send you home..Nevermind...
There will be no more chances to do so ,again...because after you read all of this..I'll be no longer in this world.
Your love..I can't understand it..But the days in these 4 months being with you was my happiest moments in my life.
Just let me stay immortal in your memory.
(the follow up is his original english part's note)
devil bin this is the way how i love,perhaps ppl will think it was crazy
i've never tried to put down my pride my dignity my ego-ness on my first ex...but u were totally diff,i put down my pride my dignity my every shit
just to beg u....but i always im just a failure in a relation
but that's just me,i'll only do the things which i think its worth...
will i became ur memory forever ? who knows..since u were already special when the first sight i saw u...
perhaps,u'll just fucking laugh at me...i bet there's plenty of ppl will laugh too =) but who cares ?
that's just me...that's the way i are....

the last thing

i do appreciate everything about us....u were the light in my life..u given me determination for my future...but everything is gone...i don't blame u actually...
because 爱情是自由的(love is unrestrained) ~ so just wish u'll have ya happy life in d future
ILY & IMY ~ sorry that i couldn't brings u to walk until the end of the day
希望你会记得在你的生命中...曾几何时有个一个那么爱你的人出现过 <3
(Hope that you will remember in you life..there'd been a person that love you so much,ever exist)
P/S : Please do not blame her....Im the one who decided this..she's just the one given me the motivation n my FAMILY,please..i beg of u all,dont ever blame on her...


(He uploaded a photo where he cried and the caption was :first time i take a pic when i were crying..looks sucks...anyway thats the last pic of mine b4 i gg =)...I just can't do it..I can't see his crying face here .. )
the pic when u were sleeping today...i really loved u
*Note end*

Honestly,I cried.For him.For his sad love story.For,this was the SECOND CASE of love suicide happened in this year,the first one was a guy,aged 19.And what I really can't stand is those fucking jerks that were leaving negative comments on his facebook profile.Hey dude ! Real romeo died for fake Juliet,what you wan't from him?Come back alive and think before he act?No one can give any comment on his behaviour,nor critic him for didn't think bout his parents and whatsoever before he make the jump..A person who fade up with the world,what were on his mind,only he know,and of course,Lord know.

Nothing we can do now,for him.We can only review back our own behavior ,our own act.Did we done something to other person as what the heroin did to him?Did we ever listen to other people's murmur about his or her feeling?Did we ever still critic someone who died with those stupid act he or she did ?

Hey,life is short.Everyone know this very well.But we often forget about it.
If you are still alive,
I will say that you have better potential to become an artist than koreans',
as 70 % of them had plastic surgery,
you were so awesome handsome.

Rest In peace,Alviss Kong.

Thinking Of You

I miss you.

*full stop*

Thursday, December 9, 2010


~ by honeyc91 on October 12, 2010.



~ by honeyc91 on August 25, 2010.


Never deny yourself,as you are the most precious thing ever in this world.

~ by honeyc91 on August 19, 2010.

Cleaning Up my mind and soul

I love to watch Anime!!!!
I am a cry baby though I really hate to cry~ >.<
Really like to eat KFC~yumm yumm~
And I like cute stuffs~
I am just a 5 years old kid with 19 years old identity to live with~
Easy come easy go !
喜欢自言自语,                    i like to talk to myself
喜欢呆在家上网,看动漫     love to stay @home online N watch anime
是个有点自闭的人,            a little autistic
有点害怕人群,                   sometimes afraid of the crowd
但是却有很多朋友,            but i hv many frens
可是又不大愿意去打交道。。however,reluctant to contact wif them
自己也不知道为什么。。。Jz dunno y
矛盾,总是存在。               o’ways hv dis Contradiction
this was how I use to be to describe myself..but maybe I’ll change another position to view myself later on..yes,I may have some problem to judge see who I really understand more about myself.. I REALIZED that I not yet understand myself,my own behaviour,my own interest,my own personality and many things bout myself…just have to format it..reprogramme it…And restart it..
~ by honeyc91 on July 26, 2010.


Prepare for Trouble
And Make it Double
To Protect the World from devastation
To Unite All People within our Nation
To Denounce the Evils of Truth and Love
To Extend our reach to the Stars Above
Jesse James
Team Rocket
Blast off at the Speed of Light
Surrender Now or Prepare to Fight
Meowth, That’s Right!

Just when I tot that he already disappear from my world..suddenly ..he Reappear in front of me..with his smile that I almost forgotten~hi !!! ^^
A person that I never feel his presence..But he is there somewhere,just I’m the one who doesn’t notice him…7 E..again,a place that let me meet a lot of new people..and the old N odd one too….Miss you Jiunn !!

Jesse Chong !! What a "nice" name u have in Facebook !!!
~ by honeyc91 on July 3, 2010.

A long conversation

A long conversation….thats the title…u know what?
I had just finish a conversation with my friend …It was quite long
for me…01:01:28…thats one hour a minute and 28
seconds…wow…someMore! through phone…haha,I wonder she really don’t
care bout her phone credit …I feel so sorry for her..But since
she’s the one who calling,so I can’t just said:hey,don’t waste ur credit

Means I want the conversation to stop…Ermmnn,well,she called with the
purpose of want some suggestion from I just have to give her

Hoping she can make a right decision…
Good Luck ya,Mei Yee…Wish u all the best~
~ by honeyc91 on June 10, 2010.


今天早上正当我睡得香甜时,store manager给我拨了个电话。。。朦朦胧胧中就接了。。谈话内容大略就是这样。。。
“Ani,nanti masuk pukul 11 boleh x?kat store 349 taman U.."
"ahh?? tmn U?akak hantar ker??"
"(开玩笑地说)jln kaki"
"xde lar,sy hantar lar…"
"11-7 ea,sedang tido ker?"
"Isyyyhh..Tido lg…xpe lar,lps ni sambung tido…k."

11点多,我那超酷的女店长就用摩托车载我去tmn U。。哇~感觉是这人生第一次骑那么快的摩托~爽啊~~他竟然跟旁边的车比快,哈哈,好刺激哦!

       其实我蛮喜欢到tmn u的7E工作,哈哈,因为店面还蛮小,不用耗费大大的力量和精神来打理~哈哈
     刚才我的工作伙伴不小心把backroom的钥匙留在backroom..结论就是,backroom反锁了。。。我们毕竟不是那里的员工,哪好意思用踹的来开门啊。。。后来shanti就打了电话给我们的店长,问她该怎样是好,店长就说用chiller来开门。。什么意思?就是要我们钻进chiller然后再跑进去开门。。我的天哪!这什么鬼主意啊……原来shanti和以前的店员在我们tmn bkt serdang的store都是这样做的……哈哈!不错不错,好聪明!结果我们还真的那么做了~把那些饮料拿出来时也蛮费功夫的,而且还很冷,呵呵,我几乎是袖手旁观的。。。haha。
后来Shanti就用爬的。。爬进去了,推开另一扇chiller的门,就成功闯进backroom了~~我看到她爬。。很像蛮好玩,结果我也跟着爬啦 ~~呵呵,好好玩哦~冷冷的~虽然只是一下子,不过真的很爽~~ >.<)/
~ by honeyc91 on June 5, 2010.

Chill down~~~with slurpEe~~

   Ever since I work at 7E,I learned(t) a lot,whether physically or emotionally…Physically,I learnt about many things regarding stock and how actually a 24 hours store work ..this and that,even though not everything they have I learnt it,but I learnt many thing that other student might never have a chance to do so.I should feel lucky,is it? O.O  and,ya,emotionally..Indeed,I learnt how to control my temper,well,it might drive off sometimes,but its not a big deal..^^
        Everything run so fast there,times passes faster than ever,customer in and out fast and FURIOUS… money in and out FAST~too…but sadly,its not my money though…I met many different people every day,some are nice and interesting,some are just being silent and …silent….Some are being NoiSY~CRAZY~TROUBLESOME and ANNOYING too~~~Hell swear I met the worst guy ever in my Life~~ (I think),even worser than a guy that ask me to ^%$% with him(RM300 he offer me..==") in few weeks before ! The stupid ^$#@& guy ,such a jerk,he can even say that I contaminated his SEALED 100 + drinks when I scan it~the pos n barcode scanner are almost the same high as my neck,of course I need to raise it up in order to scan it,if not ?well,he think that the 100+ contaminated in my hand..bla bla bla black sheep…Black Sheep…Sure I’ll kill him with my words if I remember his face,sadly I can’t remember any part of his ugly face,if not it REALLY going to contaminate my brain of course !
         Well,there’s a lot of annoying things happened there,and some are still happening,it wont stop unless the World Ends now..Luckily there are few other things that will at Least~ at least make me feel happy sometime~XD
1)I can met(or speak Tongue out..or just seeHot)many handsome Red heartguys~LolXOpen-mouthedRed roseBoy
2)I can have some free gifts if there are any left over~haha~
3)Some return goods can be mine if there are any left over,again.Such as Walls ice-creamBirthday cake(Nestle never!cuz their vendor are too kedekut~)
Well,I wonder when will the slurpee machine get fix up…But once it get repaired ,means I need to mop the floor harder,cuz they(customers) tends to dirty up the floor with slurpee….Whatever…cuz I love Slurpee~~ ^^
~ by honeyc91 on May 30, 2010.


Its been few days(or a week??) since the matriculation result(2009/2010) had been announced…..Firstly they said it’ll came out on 10 am of 18 May,but the fact was we all can check it online the night before it,but just roughly with overall pointer,without any detail on every single subject..  O.O

            I was DAMN nervous…Almost every1 (matric student) on FB keep talking bout it all the nite…I was curious with my result,but I have no gut to check it..And I kept asking my fren :should I check it tonite?or tmr morning? Hoping for the best,and preparing for the worst..Finally I click on the mohe website…And type my matric number + I.C. number…but I really REALLY freak out to click the "ok" button..I brave up myself~Finally….PNGS 2>3.92…PNGK >3.82~~I almost yell out…Thank God~~ And thx to all my frens dat help me b4…for all the ppl dat support  me..Especially my family…My mom,sis..and brother… ^^
           And finally…I graduated from Pahang Matriculation College…

~ by honeyc91 on May 26, 2010.


好久好久都没写部落格了~因为都很懒……哈哈……好吧!那么从今天起,我又回来了~继续写我废废的东东~我不管有没有人会欣赏……只要我开心就好!好吧,到此结束……下回见~ ^^
~ by honeyc91 on May 13, 2010.

Kah Yee's Birthday

Today is still 24th of December….4 days to go…
It suppose be very fun to celebrate every friend’s birthday..Especially best friend’s…
She told me that she really looking forward her 18th birthday…Go for clubbing was her "dream" before this..But it semms that she realize this weird dream before her…
Kah yee,you are going continue your study….I hope that this time you can really stick with it..I know you can do it!!
I know designing is a dream for you since kids(lol..maybe it was singer aft all ^^u really so into ART),gambateh!!!
No matter how hard it going to be,it just a small task for you before you can get to the final result….
Success are waiting for us!!
Kah yee,
Caliburian CC JQ,
Huei Chi,
and me.
Bright future will we have,
Huge success will we achieve….
All the best!!!!
Happy birthday to U again…
haha,18th years old lo,can get married leD…
^^ wahahahaha….
~ by honeyc91 on December 24, 2009.

Im Proud Of You


第二站入圍的陽光美少女石洄綺(左起)、何文憶和洪瑂霞將有機會參與明年1月3日的總決賽 ,與其他回合的入圍者爭艷鬥麗。(圖:星洲日報)


雙料得主石洄綺外表文靜乖巧,但是跳起嘻哈舞, 舞姿動感火辣。(圖:星洲日報)

~ by honeyc91 on November 27, 2009.


You know what? I thought of writing THOUSANDS of blog after I escaped from the PRISON>>Pahang Matriculation College ..I mean after my final exam for first term…Besides I’m going to have my MUET on 7 Nov 09 for Writing,Reading and Listening.I should do something or maybe MANYTHING in order to improve my broken english.

Actually I’m kinda afraid of my writing part because I have no idea how to do synthesis or whatsoever it is.

Dareka…Tasukette kudasai~
Pardon me,
is there anyone out there can save me?
Looks like I’m on my own.Suddenly I miss my friend..Caliburian CC…because I know that her english is A LoT better than mine..

And ,of course ,her chinese Mandarin is Gettting Master Level~~~~I mean it !
Why am I talking nonsense here?Oh my,I must be out of my mind.Am I ? Or not ?
But what nonsense did I talked? Oh crap,I should rest my mind…

Brother!! When will you go to Thailand? Remember to buy me souvenirs ya~
I hope he can see this blog..But I think he wouldn’t…

Bangkok handsome boys and pretty girls~
Sawadikkap~ (Laugh ouLout)

this is my "prison"..the place where I study in my dorm..

Look carefully ..Ok..books,papers,pens,headphone,water bottle,calendar,notes,timetable..Wait a minute,water kettle?!Up there too~fruit jam,perfume?爽身粉也有??!!
yup yup,hardly concentrate with this kind of study table =="

This is the side of view when I’m sitting down and do my work..Its my fault actually ..Making this kind of mess

..My room mate surely nice enough not to say anything regarding their little messy room mate.
~ by honeyc91 on October 30, 2009.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

YUI - AGAIN (Romanji +Translation)


Before You Play this Song,you can pause the site's music player at the right side
: : Turn You On --MixPoD : : 


yume no tsuzuki oikakete ita hazu na no ni
magarikunetta hosoimichi hito ni tsumazuku

ano koro mitai ni tte modoritai wake ja nai no nakushite kita sora wo sagashiteru
wakatte kuremasu you ni gisei ni natta you na kanashii kao wa yamete yo

tsumi no saigo wa namida ja nai yo zutto kurushiku seotteku n da
deguchi mienai kanjou meiro ni
dare wo matteru no?
shiroi NOOTO ni tsuzutta you ni
motto sunao ni hakidashitai yo
nani kara nogaretai n da
genjitsutte yatsu ka?

kanaeru tame ni ikiteru n datte
wasurechai usou na yoru no mannaka
bunan ni nante yatterarenai kara
kaeru basho mo nai no
kono omoi wo keshite shimau ni wa
mada jinsei nagai desho natsukashiku naru
konna itami mo kankei jan

ayamara nakucha ikenai yo ne aa gomen ne
umaku ienakute shinpai kaketa mama datta ne

ano hi kakaeta zenbu ashita kakaeru zenbu
junbann tsuketari wa shinai kara
wakatte kuremasu you ni sotto me wo tojita n da
mitakunai mono made mienda mon

iranai uwasa ni chotto hajimete kiku hatsugen docchi
mukai attara tomodachi datte
uso wa yamete ne

fukai HAATO ga iradatsu you ni karada n naka moete iru n da
hontou wa kitai shiten no
genjitsutte yatsu ka

kanaeru tame ni ikiteru n datte
sakebitaku naru yo kikoete imasu ka?
bunan ni nante yatte'rarenai kara
kaeru basho mo nai no
yasashisa ni wa itsumo kansha shiteru
dakara tsuyoku naritai susumu tame ni
teki mo mikata mo kankei jan

dou yatte tsugi no DOA akeru n datte kangaeteru
mou hikikaesenai monogatari hajimatteru n da
me wo samase me wo samase

kono omoi wo keshite shimau ni wa
mada jinsei nagai desho?
yari nokoshiteru koto yari naoshite mitai kara
mou ichido yukou ka?

kanaeru tame ni ikiteru n datte
sakebitaku naru yo kikoete imasu ka?
bunan ni nante yatterarenai kara
kaeru basho mo nai no
yasashisa ni wa itsumo kansha shiteru
dakara tsuyoku naritai natsukashiku naru
konna itami mo kankei jan

English Translation
I thought I was running after something carried over from my dreams,
Yet I'm stumbling into people on this narrow, winding road.

It's not like I want to go back to the way things were back then,
I'm just searching for the sky I've lost.
I hope you understand.
Stop making that sad face as though you were a victim.

Sins don't end with tears,
You have to carry the pain forever.
who am I waiting for in this maze with no exit in sight?
a blank notebook.
make me want to release my feelings more and more
What do I want to escape from?
... is it reality?

makes me want to scream that we live on do u hear me? i cant play it safe no more ... I've got nowhere to go home to.
There's still so much in life to remove this feeling.
(I'm on the way)
I even welcome this pain
for the things I miss

I have to apologize for this. Ah, I'm sorry.
I can't say it well. I'm just causing worry.

Everything that I embraced that day. Everything that I will embrace tomorrow
I will not arrange them in any order.
I hope you understand. I closed my eyes
but I could still see things I do not want to see.

From the useless rumors, which one was it that i heard first?
"Face it and you will be friends"
Don't tell lies like these.
My heart being agitated from deep inside,
a burning sensation runs through my body.
Actually I'm expecting something
from this thing called "reality".

It makes me want to scream that we're alive
For things to come true. Can you hear me?
I can't put up with playing it safe.
... I've got nowhere to go home to.
I'm always grateful for kindness
That's why I want to grow stronger,
(I'm on the way) march on.
I welcome friends and foes.

How do I open the next door? I'm thinking.
I can't take back this story that has begun.
Open your eyes.
Open your eyes.

I still have too long a life ahead
to get rid of these feelings, right?
I want to try doing over
the things I've left undone
Shall we go AGAIN?

It makes me want to scream that we're alive
For things to come true. Can you hear me?
I can't put up with playing it safe.
... I've got nowhere to go home to.
I'm always grateful for kindness
That's why I want to grow stronger,
(I'm on the way)
I even welcome this pain
for the things I miss

Advance Happy Birthday ~

There’re many words that I’m trying to espress.But I can’t.Maybe I’ll find someday to tell u what I want to say in this moment.
** Photo Link **
She is my dear dear fren that going to celebrate her 18th birthday on 26 sept 09.I guess today was an advance birthday celebration for her huh…hehe..Look at her red hair~It remind me about Madam Red from Kuroshitsuji.C.C told me dat her hair color fading ….But still ,Its RED! I wish I have a fair skin like her,then I’ll dye my hair in YELLOW,just like Wolfram’s hair…hehe

Kah Yee who keep busy with her techno SE phone..Maybe she should sell it and use those money to take a driving lisence.HOhO,I’m such Evil,I should noe that her phone is her life..^^

Yup,that’s right .Its Huei Chi who never resist to take photo..Snap snap snap…爱抢风头的小鬼..Thanks for coming today. 我知道你特地赶过来的,谢谢.

…Love u all…Muackkzz
~ by honeyc91 on September 22, 2009.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Tests from Testriffic FF

1)Which Final Fantasy Villain are you?
You are the Sorceress Edea, from Final Fantasy VIII. You have many goals in life, and will do just about anything to accomplish them. You may not really care how many people get flattened in your path to glory. You are one bad ass lady! (or guy, hehe)

2)Which Final Fantasy VIII character are you?
Squall Leonhart
You are Squall, the main character of the game. You are a bit of a loner on the social scene, but the people who do manage to become your friends know you’re a good person. You don’t like to rely on others, but you know that sometimes you can’t do everything on your own.

How do you compare?
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3)Which final fantasy woman are you?
You are a non stop bundle of energy, always bright and cheerful. You are great at following orders and always fun to be around. 

My Love - Squall Leonhart ( FF VIII)

 ~ by honeyc91 on September 20, 2009.

KMPh life post

1st post~

This is the 5th week I’m being here…After strugging for one month,I finally started to calm down and try to continue my life here happily.Maybe it’s because I never prepare myself before I come here,I mean mentally.The life here is really pack,but still,I’m acting like my oldself.I know this is wrong,so I’ll try my best to change my attitude and learn from the others,which almost 90 percent of student in this Pahang Matriculation College are those who pass their exam(SPM) with flying colors result,it’s true.I even think that I don’t belong here,I used to…Anyway,just for myself,and my family …Ok, friends also,I’ll do my best to continue my one-year matriculation life.This is my promise,for those who believe in me and support me,wait for me,I can’t promise you that I’ll be the best amongst here,but I’ll graduate proudly.I believe I will.I just need to give more effort,yes indeed,EFFORD.

~ by honeyc91 on June 12, 2009.

2nd post~

What feeling Is this
What is the time now? I ask myself.


It’s been a long time since I get to the bed so late,without any supportive reason.For your information,I’m going to have my class tomorrow.

Yesterday my English Lecturer told us that sleep after 2 o’clock is actually attempting a suicide.Yes ,I know this fact since a few years back,still I can’t help my self from keep stay awake in this critical time.Just now after read one of my best friends’ blog,I tend to cry.I think I know why.Its because I feel lonely,again.I can see that she actually do not like to be friend with us,is it just my mistake?My misunderstood for her?"No",I bet she can reply me with that.She admit that she is much more comfortable with HER friends for whatever she want to do ,want to play,OR want to share,compare with another gang—US.

"US"? Who am I talking about?There no more us.Now I know what feeling that I had now.

Sad,disappoint,angry and lonely.

Maybe it’s better if I never saw her blog..Or it is just me..ME—- WHO SO SENSITIVE about this kind of friendship.I’m the ONE who always thought that we are meant together ,as a gang,which have some kind of soul binder,or even though 4 of us are 4 TOTALLY differrent people,with TOTALLY different character,from different background,still can mix up well.Looks like I’m wrong,we are not meant together.What my points here is,we won’t tell each other about what we think,what we’re having or what we feel.Maybe It is because we have TOTALLY different hobby and interests…Think about it,is it?She can tell her secret to another friends but not US,because we are not her best friends,I know.I can see that since secondary School.BUT,we use to mixed very well,we can share our feelings and play together,but that was long time ago…Long time ago…I’m not comfortable in writing English essays,but since I can’t type chinese words using this laptop,I just leave my Mandarin’s draft in my mind,maybe I’ll rewrite this blog next time.Its nothing,I’m just trying to espress myself.I don’t want to care about my grammar,vocabulary,sentence,spelling anymore.I’m tired. now is 3.56 am already.I noe i need to sleep.but i hv works that need to done ..I don care.i don wan to care anymore.just dun care

~ by honeyc91 on July 10, 2009.

3rd post

Old one
. . 18岁生日 . .
April 24th, 2009

好不容易,我这位小小女生终于挨到了这一天——该开始 成熟 的一天。



2009年4月13日,这一天的天气不怎么漂亮啦,大半天都在下雨……另外那小半天则是晒!晒!晒~~今早起床的时间比往常早很多哦!赖了床近两个小时的寿星女终于在早上10点多从床上爬起来…今早约好了妈咪要出门的,所以不得不遵守咯……早上忙了、晒了、走了、买了、流汗了、回答了、看了、假笑了、不爽了、累了,才回到家吃了我打包回来的鸡饭…(到底做了那么多东西都是什么啊?)嗯…就…忙了一个早上,晒了大大的太阳,用脚走了一段路,就…流汗了咯,到super market买了吃的喝的,也买了早餐+午餐,回答了在回家路途欲挡我去路的警兄所问的问题,不到半分钟,我这身份清白得如Darlie之牙齿的靓女就继续走我的康庄大道回家,临走前对警兄假笑了下……回到家看到饭盒里的菜少得可怜,心里超不爽,不过走了那么久整个人都很累…


今天下午稍微清理了电脑周围,接着便是粘着电脑不放,看了几集《Vampire Knight》(吸血鬼骑士),蛮开心的哦,哈哈。虽然 Vampire Knight Guilty的全都有了,不过还是从Season 1看回,比较爽嘛!

昨晚洄绮说明天有个assignment要交,所以今天要赶,没办法帮我庆生……心生怀疑,不过还是做了一个心理准备,没办法就没办法咯,等她生日时我也来个没办法给她就行嘛……至于嘉琪嘛,早就知道她星期一晚上要回去宿舍,就算帮我庆生也应该是下午吧……还有那个最得空的嘉仪,应该也会来的吧?不过她说身体有点不舒服…真的假的?啊不过最近蛮多人生病的哦,包括我家那位哥哥…这时候,心里出现了一道数学题:Probability… 1.绮真的很忙,琪也要回宿舍 ,嘉仪应该真的病了……以上是最坏打算,不过这太没可能了,我管嘉仪她生病还是什么,就算得了失忆症也该为我庆祝…其他两位,我就不敢担保了……2. 绮真的很忙,琪应该没回宿舍(她说过Tuesday的课是下午才上,其实星期一晚上不用回也行),还有就是嘉仪她诈病骗我……还有等等等等的猜测,猜到我的心都烦了,脑也乱了,决定不想了,继续看戏!呵呵。



去到那里,果然!那两个住在Serdang Raya的小姐就坐在5号桌,是很开心啦,不过已经没那么兴奋了,因为等这一刻等到累了… 一坐下来,绮就把一个插好了不多不少刚刚好十八枝蜡烛、黄色表皮的蛋糕摆在我面前…只不过是那些蜡烛还没被燃起…是京都蛋糕店的蛋糕哦!不错不错!买者知我心啊,哈哈。而且是芒果口味的,是我喜欢的水果哦!很久都没这么齐人了,当然要好好谈个够啦,不过琪要在九点半时就走了,太快了吧!?Yer~我很不舍得叻,虽然最后见她时是在7天前,不过还是很不舍嘛~哈哈…谈了谈、喝了喝、听了生日歌、许了愿、拍了照、切了蛋糕、吃了吃……不错不错,没满分也有甲等。只不过,今晚有点遗憾的是:时间、地点。(人物我很满意啦,100分 for人物)



在迈进生日那天的12a.m.前一起玩烟花倒数生日,接着一起在靠海的饭店过夜。醒来后一起吃早餐,接着去兜风,观光…过后一起去吃午餐,嗯…洗澡还是各自洗吧,这活动不用一起进行。然后,继续一起逛……傍晚,随着太阳渐渐西下,咱们一起在金金黄黄橙橙的沙滩上 看夕阳、 嬉水、堆沙堡、拾贝壳、 也顺便偷瞄离我们不远的几位靓仔,到底哪位才最帅呢,其中有位腹肌很像有八块?身材比例也好像不错……Ei, 有个左边脸像张栋梁,右边脸像Se7en,背正面像Hero,左斜看像唐禹哲,右斜看像木村,左边脸+35.8度像Rain,还有还有,右边脸-20.268度像李准基的家伙叻!(流口水 OsO)……至于那人的正面,这还是留给你自己来想像吧!^^ 晚上,在海边享用过烛光晚餐的我们,在准备着把蛋糕递到寿星女面前…随着海浪波打沙滩的节奏唱着生日歌,也随着星星的闪烁祝福着彼此,也随着流星的滑落许下愿望……


Friendz 4 Life <3
4.36 a.m.
~ by honeyc91 on July 10, 2009.

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JQ said this on July 12, 2009 at 11:45 pm

Aiya!!!! Sorry sorry~ Aiyoyo..why the words in my brain sometimes not same with wat i type de leh??? OF COURSE I NOE how to write ur lovely name,hmmm I think I hv to blame the computer for not coorperate with my brain…Ok!! Next time sure is 嘉琦,same with wat inside my mind.haha

Honey said this on July 16, 2009 at 4:59 am

4th post

My Precious Friend



























时间是2.58 am。






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5th post






























打个小小比喻,如果你问他:“ei? 生日要到了喔,要什么礼物呀?”















(this is a blog written by my best friend..I guess Im in there also..hehe ^.^.)
~ by honeyc91 on September 18, 2009.