Saturday, June 25, 2011


Do you like chocolates ?
When you are eating / buying / craving for chocolates , 
were you thinking of someone ?
Well, today when I went to a grocery stores to buy a bottle of mineral water and I just "accidentally" walk to the snack food department and try to find a chocolate. 
Suddenly someone's figure was in my head.
I just recall the person funny and naughty looks when he tried to hide the chocolate from his younger siblings. >< And whenever his brother come near him, he just hide the chocolates inside his clothes....LOL

Oh by the way, I bought a pack of choki choki and my room mate just said that I look like a children. =_=
Well, I do like choki choki and I like to buy it and share to my loves one. If you got a choki choki/ an offer of choki choki from me, means you can be categorize as my loves one too . heehe XD
For those who never seen one,here's the famous choki choki ! XD
Its in paste form of chocolate ,you can eat it in the way you want. ^^

Thursday, June 23, 2011

2 messages that you sent to inbox instead of wall

  • Sunday 19 June 2011

when you find someone that makes you feel the best person in the world, even if you are with your hair messed up, angry at your boss. and wrinkled clothes. pay attention ...... this person is special
Even if it's raining and the world ending it off, if that person makes you feel happy ....... look in his eyes .... I'm sure you will not regret
i could be saying how beeautyfull is this feeling but with a few words i can say everything i want
I Love You ><


  • Thurdsay 23 June 2011
When you meet someone and that someone makes your heart stops working
for a few seconds, pay attention. It may be the most important person in
your life.

If the eyes are crossed and now there is the same bright
between them, be warned: it may be the person that you are expecting from the
day that you born

If the touch of the lips is heavy, if the kiss is passionate and eyes
fill with water at this point, note: there is something magical between you.

If the first and last thought of the day for that person, if the will of
get together come up with squeezing the heart, thank, God sent you an
divine gift: love.

If one day have to apologize to each other for some reason and in return
receive a hug, a smile, a pat on the hair and gestures worth more
a thousand words, indulge yourself: you were meant for each other.

If for any reason you are sad, if life gave you a creeping, and this
person suffer your pain, cry your tears and wipe them
with tenderness, what a wonderful thing: you can count on it in any moment of your life

If you can smell it in thought of the person as if it
be there by your side ... if you find the spectacularly beautiful,
even though she is old pajamas, flip-flops and hair
tangles ...

If you can not work right all day, looking forward to the meeting that
is scheduled for the evening ... if you can not guess so
none, a future without the person next to you ...

If you're sure you'll see this person getting old, and even then,
have the conviction that you will still be crazy about him... if you prefer
die before seeing the other going away : it is love that came in your life.

Many people fall in love many times in life, but little love or
find true love. Or sometimes meet, and do not pay
attention to these signs, let love pass without letting it happen
And im here to don't let the love pass, im here to show you how wonderfull the world can be to two peoples who love trully....
Well i can't go before i say this, maybe look weird but I love you
Don't go awayyyyyyyy buaaaaaaaaaa im gonna cry

I think about what you told me this evening... 
My heart stop beating.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

P.A.B.E. Dance

Wondering what is P.A.B.E ? Well it stands for "Popping,Animation,Bogaloo,Effect". If not mistaken its a kind of "new term" created by SALAH the famous dancer in the industry. Its a really eye captured kind of dance introduced by my special Brazilian friend, Nick.

Make sure you watch this video until the end cuz its awesome ! Don't doubt your eye ,its real ! 
*Its not the p.a.b.e that I mentioned just now, it just the "friend" of it .*
Review >> 
D-Efeitos (D-FX) uses the music genre Glitch Music - Electronic Music with "erroneously" sounding glitches in the rythmic programming - and several techniques from Urban Dances as Waving, Robotting, Animation and Warping. In these musical 'defects', the cast of D-Efeitos executes the fragmented and vibrating dance, accelerating and decelerating, performing the song as a mathematical artistic expression. Vibrations on the sound waves become vibration and body waves. Sound delays manipulate the moves in a simulation of break in space-time. Each one of the notes and musical flaws are explored to become movement and body illusions. 

I just watch this video again and again cuz it really cute >o<
Credit to Popjocker ! Obrigado Nicolas ! Wooho !

Saturday, June 11, 2011

What a week

I don't know why I keep on have some accidents in this week. Which made me feel tired and exhausted,arghh.

Well, in wednesday 7 Jun I went for "outstation" at Klang cuz need to interview a young entrepreneur who have a chili farm at Meru. So? My group member rent a manual Kancil car and expect me to drive. I just curious why they want to have such trouble when there's already so many enterprise in this Bangi and Kajang area but YET they want to have a FAR enterprise to complete this business plan. I just can't get it. -___-

     Early in the morning I knew I had to wake up damn early and WALK to Rahim Kajai College cuz they ask the car owner to send the car there ( i was like: why the hell they dont just come pick me up 1st with the stupid car). Okay,I keep all my feelings inside my cracking head and just rush there by 8 am.) Somemore I know that one of the girl in my group have a Auto car (Proton Saga-THE LATEST EDITION ), why she dont want to drive her car ???? WHYYYYY ~ I asked them but no one had give me a satisfied answer.haih.

   To tell the truth, I'm a person who have a really bad temper after I woke up. I slept at 3 something in the morning and now I'm the one who drive, expecting a journey of one hour ++. Great. Its not like I don't like to drive car, instead I really love to drive. But what you have to know is, I don't like to have people shouting at me and keep on give me order to do this and that when I drive, and this what happened at that moment. These fella who really scared to drive manual car but keep on ask me to watch this out, watch that out. I can listen to many orders in a moment but I can only perform one, okay? I'm a machine who just listen and drive. Wrong input, wrong output. I can get everyone in the car killed easily,okay ? 

  Okay, stop with the bossy group mates thingy. Whenever they get panic easily, contrastly I'm a TOO COOL person who can still joking with them,just hoping they can be happy and positive in the journey. But I do admit that I have a biggest weaknesses which is... I get lost easily. Summore with the confusing road sign we have in Malaysia ,hah ! I can give you an example where You can even lost in Kuala Lumpur city even if you are a Kuala Lumpur-nian for 10 years ! For more, you may read this article from the Star.

Confusing: There are two directions for Kuala Lumpur on these
signs but the one on the left will lead drivers to Shah Alam first.

  Okay,back to the story where I drive car. Thank god its a safe journey. Just that we can't find our way out to Setiawan cuz we keep on shuffle in Klang highway. hahha. And then with the wrong order from my friend, I just need to do an emergency U-turn,hah ! This just shocked them out the way ~lolx. Its not my fault, cuz one of them said : sini U-turn je la. Ok,next second I just do what she asked. I just follow order, okay ? Theres many time in the car they keep do things like this, so I just do what I need to. Hahah,maybe its my fault too cuz I listen to them too much. Oh ya, the car just almost get into a small drain. They panicked and keep on saying : omg what to do omg what to do. I just ask them to get out from the car and then I just start the engine and forward,yup forward..After reverse we need to forward.Thats all. They laughed. XD

  Anyway, its a pleasure journey for me,but in the way back I just get really tired so I asked my friend to TRY to drive. Hahah, I think her skill let me almost vomit in the car and get killed too but I just keep silence cuz I don't want to pressure her. Nice job anyway.

2nd Chili farm at Jalan Jambu Meru ,owned by Mr Kamarul Effendi, 28 years old.
My pose are funny cz like " Support the local chili" hahaha

  Yesterday, friday 10 Jun. I'm lazy to tell the details cuz I don't want worry my friends. I'm injured.Not really that serious, but still hurt,to be honest.haha. 

  Final exam is around the corner. Time to study and finish my assignments.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My results

Since I never sees my results as a confidential thing, I will post it here . So that I will let anyone/everyone see it, and maybe I expect some advices from you all. What do you think ? Should I resit the exam for Macroeconomics( semester 2 ) in my 2nd year later on ? Because I was a little bit  worry to have statistics and macroeconomics in a same time. All of them said that statistics are a VERY SCARY subject. Sigh. Anyway, I will take both of them, but just not sure whether to have them in a same time. See ? I'm repeating what I've said just now. Anyhow thats just too terrible for me. Cuz in my mind I expected a C-. (>_<) lol

As Abang Palie said, I'm going to have more HARDCORE subjects in the future. Yepp, another 3 years to go. Bachelor of Accounting(HONS) rockxxxxx !!! (>o<) I had chose my path, shall never regret it, ever. Pray harder so that I'm still alive until then. Oh mammamia.(my roomate -Olin just acciddently yelled this words after I type it,lol !)

Here it goes...

Jump down from the cliff in a tremendous way huh. Then I shall climb back. Or at least find myself a comfortable position to hang on.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


I'm waiting...


I wonder what am I waiting for....


What results?

Results from exam ? Results from life ? Results from love ? 

I just wonder when will I stop waiting...

They said it will be undertaking future for me.

I wonder bout it sometimes...Just sometimes.

Girl at the mirror -by Norman Rockwell

Waiting is painful. Forgetting is painful. But not knowing which to do is the worse kind of suffering.
~Paulo Cohelho

Monday, June 6, 2011

Pra você

For you
For you, I want to be
The joy of the homecoming
The gleam of light, bringing a new day,
Illuminating the veranda
For you, I want to be
The confidence, the reason
The reason of your dreaming every day
Ensuring you there is no limit for you
At your side, I want to be
An unexpected meeting
The shiver of a sweet kiss
I want to be your peace, the melody
Capable to make you dance
For you, I want to be
Like the moon lighting up the sun
I want to wake up every day
Just to make all my love to you
For you, I want to be
Arms wide open that enfold you
And by every new smile of yours
I'll become happier, because I have loved you
Because I live for you
Because I sing for you
For you

Pra você

Eu quero ser pra você
A alegria de uma chegada
Clarão trazendo o dia
Iluminando a sacada
Eu quero ser pra você
A confiança o que te faz
Te faz sonhar todo dia
Sabendo que pode mais
Eu quero ser ao teu lado
Encontro inesperado
O arrepio de um beijo bom
Eu quero ser sua paz a melodia capaz
De fazer você dançar
Eu quero ser pra você
A lua iluminando o sol
Quero acordar todo dia
Pra te fazer todo o meu amor
Eu quero ser pra você
Braços abertos a te envolver
E a cada novo sorriso teu
Serei feliz por amar você
Se eu vivo pra você
Se eu canto pra você
Pra você

p/s: I thought this beautiful Paula Fernandes is a guy when I first heard this song.... (=_=),cz I thought its a feminine voice from a guy jz like J***** B*****