Sunday, September 12, 2010

Finish it

Ahhh !!
Finally finish it..Not a really long anime though,but it took me quite a time to finish it.

[ Spice And Wolf II ]
A really nice anime,quite dizzy if u just watch it through without thinking too much..oh ho ho..
If you want to learn something..I mean really something bout business world..Or just a simple way of living happily maybe.
Or u just hoping to live a Life ermm..maybe in 17 or earlier century of the world of might think of this anime.A thoughtful anime ,make me think of [Rebellion of Lelouch ]and [Full Metal Alchemist],maybe bcz of the seiyuu (vocal artist).Oh, I love Jun Fukuyama ^^

This is the opening of season I of this marvelous anime, anyway.Enjoy.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A little update from me

SungHa Jung..He introduce it to that morning.

Dah beberapa hari tak baca blog dan menulis blog.Sebab kebelakangan ni hook up dengan AuditionSEA.Dulu masa zaman sekolah menengah asyik idam untuk main tapi x kesempatan,nak download pun payah.Sekarang main,mengaku dah tua sikit.haha.
AuditionSEA really can train ur fingers to move faster.
Not only that,it can sharpen ur thinking skill.
You can also learn many dance steps !
Moreover,I can know my prayer times and lessen my skip for Subuh cz i nvr sleep.LOLx.
Tell you,there are really a lot of "freak" on those online game ,I mean it.Not only in Audi.I learn a lot these few days,on my own,I cant tell ya all every single thing happened,cuz it really "nonsense",Hahh.I admit that I am a stupid and " x panjang akal",but those thing reported on newspaper really ..Really almost happen on me.
"teenage girl cheated by her online boyfriend that she know for 5 days.."..Don't get shock.I may be one of those innocent(stupid) girl .LUCKILY !!! I love myself more than others.So,before those thing happen on me,I manage to save myself.hahhh (feel relieve)...Going to be more careful nxt time !

Many of you might want to ask :u almost get cheated moneytary or "physically"?..Well,for people like me that only have instant noodle as dinner,money is almost impossible.Now you got the answer huh.Yup,what a man really desire from a woman from the beginning of human history until end?Nothing much other than "that".

Anyway,luckily I didn't fall for his trap!hahh?Want to get horny with me?Get lost !!! I would suck yor blood till the last drop before you can touch me!Don't play play ar(Phua Chu Kang's favourites).Singapore...haih...jz remain as a secret.

I swear I will never fall in love with somebody that I never met b4,NEVER !!But the reality is...I admit that he was my first love.Officially my first lover.So?haha,nxt time when somebody ask me,how many boyfriend u hv b4?then I shall tell him/her.One.When and hw long it last?when I was 19 and last for 5 days.5 days were like 5 years for me.This love tell me I should LOVE myself more.Why should I love someone that I just met while there are lot of people who love me ever since I was born?

I love you,mommy.

Recently really was a BIG MESS for me.Too many "guys" trying to approach me..Nahh ...from as young as a teenage boy until a guy that older than me for 12 years.Euww,it sucks, man ~

I wonder how other people in love with really positive thinking?Or they just luckier than me?Maybe..Allah just want me to wait.Wait for the "best" to coming do I know that guy really R the best for me?Or ..maybe I didnt deserve the best.As, I am not the best girl ever.I just a human with a lot of mistakes ,and incomplete.

God,please forgive me.
Ma,please forgive me.
Boys,please forgive me.
Myself,please forgive me.