Sunday, January 30, 2011

Happy Chinese New year

Not much to say.Just....

Happy Holiday and HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR !!!!

Its bunny's year ya know ^^)
Waaa~~ so cute so cute~can I hug the bunny O.o)  <3

Friday, January 28, 2011

Sky Of Love

## Darn ! This short drama series made me cry !!! darn darn darn !!! The hero is so damn cute ,and very familiar to me~~erm,then just found out he is Seto Koji ( 瀬戸康史,born in 1988 )that act as Satoru in [Atashinchi no Danshi] and [Kamen Rider Decade/Kiva].And the heroin ,Mizusawa Elena 水沢エレナ(born in 1992* shocked to know that she's younger than me XP)'s acting are very fresh too,both are very talented in such young age ! Clap for them~~ huuhu ! This story [ Koizora-恋空] available both in drama and movie,just like other japanese drama such as [taiyou no uta 太阳之歌] All up to you to decide which are more interesting :)

In age 16,
He love her,
She love him.
Simple and  pure .
He tried so hard to become her husband,
While she tried so hard to become his wife,
both of them tried so hard to become a good parents,
yet the Sky and the River seems like destined,to be apart.
She destined to...
He destined to...

Until the end,be my forever love.
Can you heard the song of love?
It’s about a small love
Like smiling, it seems we’re close     
By your tender sound
Time flows, dreams flow
They change various shapes
Right here with you, I’m fine with just this
Laughing while at your side, I’ll be fine with just thi

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A morning Breeze

When I look back my blog..Its been a while since my last entry,right?Haha,was busy with many things.Yup,too many things.
Just finish a production of musical theatre on 22 Jan '11.Quite a month we had..Fun..Tired..Happy..Sad..Too much to describe in words.Just hope that I can still remember what happened in the future,not a bad memory,thank god.

Now is 5:26 am ,just finished walk through few blogs.Quite nice ,hmm.And found out got a girl wrote something bout me.Mostly nice words ,just a little bit weird testimonial for me.hahh,maybe she scared I will eat her or what if I found out her blog.Nahh.From what I saw in her comments ,she somehow "think" that I'm reading it.That's crazy,huh.Maybe not,cuz I ,too always do that kind of thing.Assuming other people are reading my blog and the person I dedicated to is there.

Anyway,let me show some of the activities I've done throughout this busy month.
Rehearsal night.Syana,me and Say O oppa.All show macho n cool face (>.<)

Late night at canselori.We trained when we were not gud enuf.

5 pretty girl of 1st yr in DOT.Look in the big mirror babe~

1,2 3 jump ! oops im not jumping cz I took the pic~cant took wif mirror while jumping!

Khairul syazwan and I.
he's wearing Barbie eye super nudy grey,
while I was wearing Barbie eye Single Black.Cute huh ^^)

Mapley aft the show.19 DOTters.

Clean the bilik kebud.Say O came to help also.(was he?)
Planning to do subs on some of the video on hand.But seems like no time for it.Okay,time to sleep.Chao.~