Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Why am I thinking of you…

The happiness fades...
No more hates,
no more..
no more.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

oh banyak ye....bagi yang dalam ukm saje takde..? sebab maybe saya kenal..hehehe~

= =....dlm ukm..yg paling current ? hahah~ Farid !! *blush* heehe. wlupun sy sbnarnye x brape kenal dia~

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wooooww~~boley saya tau siapa that lucky guy? excited ni~~!

hahaha ~ erm.. jejaka idaman sy sentiasa bertukar . perlu ke nk list kan semua ?

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Satu soalan pada awak... Dalam life awak dalam ukm ni, awak ada tersuka pada sesiapa tak? ehehehehe~ jawab ye~~=)

ini soalan yg senang.hurm


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best moment/peristiwa dalam dot?

ermm...too many too many too many ~ even when we sit together n saying nothing..I also enjoy the moment..for having someone I care n trust to be around me.

p/s : u hvnt sleep ?lol

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sudah melaksanakan tgung jwb kita sbgai org islam? sudah melaksanakan amar makruf nahi munkar?

Allah hu'alam

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hampir smua manusia zaman skrg bodoh btol x? pndai cari makan je....

lumrah manusia.

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When someone sees you crying, and ask: "Are you sad?" Punch them in the face, and ask: "Are you okay?"

is this a question ?!

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When you're lost, are you more likely to ask for directions or find your way without help?

the 1st one of course.oni if aft the person are help for nothing ,then oni I find my own way ~

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Friday, April 1, 2011

The end,means A new start.Yes it's a DOT ! Happy April FOol !

Congratulations to Kelab Kebudayaan Dato' Onn College cz had work so hard to raise up KDO's reputation in ICAF '11.

Congratz D.O.T had won the 2nd place in theatre's
COngrtaz As Sharif had won 1st place in photography's
Congratz Nasyid De'Voices for 2nd runner up in Nasyid's
Congratz Lenggang Dato' N d Band of KDO
And of course Nurul Wahida for your great acting skill and named the "best supporting actress".Not forgotten Gaia Faiz Zahadi who won away "best supporting actor" though u 2 r actually d main character in the plays.

Well Done !

Dotteru yg nama asal Dotteri,tp cheq tak suka bunyi "teri" kblakangan ni,
jadi sy namakan dia "DOTTERU",comel kan ~ tp dia hilang entah ke mana.
>.< Sama ngan Dottera,hilang jugak.

My second family,D.O.T.
credit to Farah Aqilah as the photographer.

SUSAH nak nampak KIM JUN NAS aka NEPAL se-handsome ni.
credit to Farah Aqilah ,again !
Nas Director ~ u r so cool ! Wish for ur thumby can heal asap !

The more challenges we face,the stronger we grow.
DOT masih hidup,
DOT tetap hidup,
DOT akan terus hidup,
As long as we keep with the faith.
Yes,the "faith",just like what Aesya Jamil said in The Gallows.