Friday, October 22, 2010

C.R.A.Z.Y.N.E.S.S. S.Y.N.C.H.R.O.

Yeapp,first time to have a totally crazy exam's time table. Before I mourn,just want to thank god that Im not taking any major,yet.I heard all my senior said: I'm worst than you,I got many major killer subjects waiting me,all in a week ,no rest day,no study week. >.<

      HELL NO ! I still have approximately 50 hours+ to my 1st paper : microeconomics,yet I havent touch a damn shit of it,not even a page of NOTE. Oh god ,I "LOVE" it so much.One little hope,dont want to fail it cz I FAILED MANY TIMES during my matriculation last year and I'm still having trauma towards that ^&%* subject...Ya..Along with another &^%%^@ subject ,that is mathematics.Yeah,so sorry to say if you are expert on it,Im HELL NOT..I struggle alot during matriculation just to pass it...Now in university I already RUN from it...These two subjects are my killer subjects.What u do when u face a killer ?? RUN~~~~

     Bla~~ whatever,guess I crazy already,not even started to do revision,I had turn to a overlighted bulb--filament burn off .

Friday, October 8, 2010

Sneakers !

Something funny happened today.

Everything starts with > morning.
This morning as usual I have a class in faculty.Accounting class in DK 4.I havent even touch the tutorial for the chapter of organization and dividen N bla bla bla ,I cant remember it.N As usual again I found a place to sit at the front row(lol,I'll only sit at front row when in Account class,others I'll sit at a place where I can hide myself ^^)..

But suddenly this Liyana she stop me
and said:Rohani,janganlah duduk sana ,meh duduk dgn sy.
I was like: ??? kenapa??
Liyana: nanti blh kite saling jage mase prof tanye soalan..(ayatnye somekind like this)
Me: O.o  ... Ok ok..well,I jz thinking bout my other close fren - Nadiah M.,sorry dear,this friend had book me 1st.
    It turns out that I still sit at the middle of lecture hall(easy to get attention).Blahh,whatever.

      Ok,After the class I went to computer lab to do my computer application assignment--Cz I dun hv the software on my lappy,and I'm so damn lazy find somebody that hv it.On the way to lab,LOLX,there R free LUnch !! well,actually it was jamuan of kakitangan of lab,they were so KIND to give extra food to whoever that pass by..God bless them !
     The macromedia dreamweaver thing doesn't really hard compared to that stupid microsoft access,cz this one at least I can try and error.That access thing I really hate with the word "null"!! Well,at 3pm,this lab was occupied by a class,they hv lab*sweat*...I am actually sneaking to other class n do my own things..
    Somemore their lecturer was so energetic to conduct EACH of her student during the lab test..I was like..Ermmn,I knew she wound't recognize me,but i hope she wont scold me if she found out I'm not her student..=.="
Interaction btween me N her :
1)when she give out the test paper
2)she asked me whether the computer can connect to internet
3)hv i sign the attendance
4)conduct process-I sit at "tepi",so she keep pass by.(I got through by showing my microsoft access file on monitor whenever she walk by) Sweat !!

I'm the invader of this class.

Well,about 4.30pm I still can't finish my webpage design,still hv some minie mainie thing..HaizZ..Everyone started to leave aft e-mail the test file to her n she call out all the name that appear in her mailbox.Of course she wouldn't see mine.

Its time to leave.