Sunday, November 25, 2012


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Thursday, November 22, 2012


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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

4,5,6,7 sweaty part. I mean healthy part!

4) Jogging
He really likes to jog while wearing his Sony Walkman MP3, listen to his favourite songs. Remember the first time he brought me to Tasik Cempaka to jog. After 2 rounds, he asked me why I didn't sweat a bit(actually I did!), while he sweating like just came back from swimming. hahahaha
jog jog! good for your health and can slim down!
5) Dumbbell.
He bought a pair of dumbbells months ago and did trained until his biceps big big one. Haha. That time he even drink the protein drinks to grow muscles. See how good he trying to look fit and tough! haha. But now no more ledi~ and his spare tyre also getting "safer". Hahaha. Its does look cute though. But poor KBF gonna suffer a lot. xD Hopefully he can manage to get back his ideal body weight just like when matric time(?), no need grow muscle like popeye, just with healthy weight is enough. I never seen him in slim size before, just in picture got la~ And ya,hopefully he will be more careful while doing his dumbbell workout, don't get injured again!! I will sad la later on~

6) Basketball.

He pernah wakil matric to play in match leh~ So can guess how good he is in playing basketball, though I've only seen it in video(The family video I accidently watched.). kehkehkehkhekhekhe. If I'm his junior in school, I sure will scream while holding pom poms(I joined cheer-leading team in school,once upon a time). Hope to see he play basketball in the future, maybe I can ask him to teach me also.heheheheh *shy* This is all influence from SlamDunk!!!! Kyaaaaa~


7) Swimming.
 I never know how to swim before this, and he patiently teach me step by step. From how to float, breath out, bend-kick-close thing. hehe, Until now I'm still in the process of learning, well at least I'm not afraid of playing in the big swimming pool by myself anymore~~~~ weeeeeee~ ^_^ Thanks Coachiee~
swimming is a very fun thing to do~~~ =D

Saturday, November 3, 2012


1) He didn't like to have any kind of beans in his meal. Except for once, he ate it voluntarily, just once. Haha. And I tricked him before.
Me: “Ahhhhh~"
Him: *thought its meat* *open mouth- Ahhhh* *bite* *sad face* -_-"

2) Cloud 9-holic. He really like to eat it ~ Bought whole tank of cloud 9 and eat it over the night, never share any with me. =_= Yesterday he says was going to bring me some but forgotten. . . forgotten. . . =_= never mind la.

3) Meat lover (especially mutton and beef).
let it be gulai

or goreng, he simply love it all ~

Muahahaha. This photo taken in April 14,2012 at Chop & Steak Serdang.
The steak set got the beans he hate and the meat he love. >_<