Thursday, July 29, 2010

1st post on this blog...Speechless

This is the first time I wrote something at here..
Cuz Im not really into this blog actually..
But Since My best friend>> HC wrote something bout me on her blog & Kumiko KY open a blog for her business activity,I started to become more interest ...
PLuS recently there are too many senior who have blog and their blog are actually quite interesting !! huuhu..
By the way.. let me introduce you guys my first blog ever in my life.. its from windows live spaces actually..quite like it firstly,but now I'm more looking forward for this blog..I give this blog the same title with my old one...I wouldn't drop down any of them..hopefully.Cuz like what my C.C. JQ said,different blogs allow us to write different things and entitled to different people.
click on this link to see my blog (jz few one cz im a lazy person,u noe.. XD )

Seriously I hope that I can continue my life with blogs and everything....Expecting a laptop perhaps...?heehe...I was an active internet user,I mean it..but now...since I was far away from my sweet sweet home..Far away from the computer in my house..I can't really online everyday like what I used to be...Again ,I highlight this >>>>


Oh ya...Thanks for visiting my blog !! Have a nice day ya ~<3