Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Lumajang, Surabaya Preview !

So ! I went to Surabaya, Indonesia last semester break. Which, the exact date was from 19 January until 31 January. I know, I know, you guys must be wondering why I took so long to update my blog about it. Well, first, because right after I came back to Malaysia, I don't have internet connection at home, and I'm not the type of person who willing to type a blog entry offline first, and then upload it whenever he can. Well I do have a friend who always do the draft in Microsoft word and then only she will publish it. The reason? She say its to prevent all her "work" gone while in the process of typing it.

Anyway, back here! I actually made the booking of flight about a year ago - 28 March 2012, yeah right, so long~ As I needed to find the exact date of flight with promotion to match my holiday. Well you know, as a student you don't really want to miss your classes, exams or even assignments just because of a personal trip aite?

This is the payment item:
2 Guest                                                 RM 68
Airport Tax                                             RM 64
Fuel Surcharge                                        RM 104
Sub Total                                              RM 236
Services & Fees
2 x Check-In Baggage - up to 15 kg            RM 60
1 x Check-In Baggage - up to 20 kg            RM 35
2 x SKYB                                              RM 28.80
Sub Total                                               RM 123.80
Total Amount                                   RM 359.80 FOR 2 PERSON (RM 179.90/pax)

Well, its quite cheap already, since I'm the one who wanted to belanja my mum, so I try to save as much as possible, and I know when we go to Indonesia, we won't go with just hand luggage, haha. While, when we come back Malaysia, I think maybe just one person with 20kg check in baggage will be enough(I take my mum's luggage calculate as mine). And luckily, after I calculate weigh and estimate our luggage using the new bathroom scale I bought(lolx), our check in luggage were just 11kg and 14kg respectively, awesome right ! And when we come back Malaysia, my luggage was just 18 kg ! Muahahhaha. Feel great when no need to pay for compound ~ v(^^)

And since I was not sure whether my brother or sister have time to send us to LCCT, I bought Sky Bus ticket too beforehand, as its cheaper (RM7.20/way compared to RM9). Ya I know, I calculate every single cent ! Don't blame me cuz I try to make an economic travel cost for my mum and I ~ All hail to AirAsia, usually without promotion one person will charged about RM 500 + for two ways !

Oh yeah, I have my first passport done 2 months right before the date of departure. Since there is an immigration nearby UKM, I decided to go there. Surprise with the fast and efficient officer at there, I manage to get my passport just within hours, with RM 100 payment for 2 years validity time~
Tadaa~~ My official passport photo ! xD

Next entry I'll write about my first memory with LCCT ! Tata~