Friday, December 30, 2011

The 100th post for this blog

2012 is just around the corner. Ask myself: What have I achieve all this year? What have I been through all this time ?

A lot.

When I mean a lot means a lot. Too much that I can remember exactly what have happened. The highlight of the year, as usual- money expenditures. 

I tried my best to spend wisely, and this year? I think I spent a LOT for the investment for future, risky I know. But hey, what's life if there is no risk at all? All of the investments I did physically I spent it for my family. Education investment for my dear niece and nephew and my life insurance. Wait, LIFE insurance ?!!! Surprise huh ? How many of you start to buy life insurance for yourself when you are 20? Not much I can say. Yeap 20 years old me buying life insurance with the devisee name family of course. hahaha. Don't worry I don't think someone would try to kill me and make it act like an accident to claim for the money. xD And follow by it definitely money spent on food, food, food, food, food, food, entertainment and lastly education. Hah ! Thats just me.

This year, I have became a senior(second year) in my university and first time being to have lots of junior.

This year, I had experienced beautiful, romantic and love story full with fantasy, in the end I let it go because all of it only can lives in dream.

This year, I have my all-time-being-I-not-so-secretly-admire-senior be my dearest boyfriend, and this time I make sure this is a real life romantic fantastic awesome love story, yeap another love story better than twilight I can say.

Lots of tears but there are much more laughters. Thank you guys and girls. Thank you mummy thank you sis thank you brother thank you laopos thank you dear thank you Lord.

Tata 2011, thanks and sorry.


Sunday, December 25, 2011



Tuesday, December 13, 2011

WHich one ?

 Recall back to primary/secondary school, i think I was number 3. But now in uni, I'm definitely student no. 11 whose always day dreaming while in the class. Anyway, both also have the same posture right??  hahahha

Friday, December 9, 2011

I'm living today

Was thinking what should I post in this blog. Well, a little update about me - I'm busy with assignments, but at least all of it is progressing; today got my another failed results for mid term exam, bla bla bla. Happy things happened too- My lecturer praised my team's presentation yesterday night for the human rights course, I had high-fived with my two teams in diff subjects because we were happy. Yeap happy. What else you expect to have in this life? We don't even know what the outcomes will be, but we do enjoyed the process. Of course the outcome will be important too. But at least when u enjoy the process, you won't care so much about the outcome though. I mean it.

Somehow I'm still feel grateful to able to breath now. Thank you Lord.
Hoping Lord Allah can have a liiiiiiittle bit mercy on me, let me grad from UKM schedulely and safely and grant me a normal life as others do. I need not to be above average,but not below average as well, just.. average. Amin-may Lord Allah grant my little wishes. I'm enjoying my life now: sweet, sour, bitter but hey come on, what is life about if you don't live it like riding roller coaster? 

When you are tired, why don't you stop and rest a while. Look above the skies and see what's up there.
When the skies are blue, so blue that it can put a happy charm on you.

When the skies are grey, so grey that you decides to find your own colours.

When the skies are red, so red that the passion of life rides on you.

When the skies are black, hey come on, there's stars that you need to see.
Even from the death valley, you can see the starry skies.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

My teddy ~ < 3

Just a normal date but in the same time its special for me. 

There's a thing delivered to me in a box during midnight. Its a gift from a knight, and the knight had asked me something, as if I have to give him a password so that I can get through this door to another world. Seems like I get through it by the way. xD This is like a dream-comes-true-moment !! *laugh* . Well I still remember how he tried to tell me about his feeling through the phone last time, but that time was more to one way communication and my respond was just “oh..I get it,thanks." This time, its two-way, where you ask and you get the answer. To be honest,I'm an impatient person, I would go ask him myself if he still silent till now.haha. Anyway, thanks for the words and thanks for the present.

Thank you for making me feel so special and blessed.

How come u think the colour is off ? In my eyes its getting perfect everytime I see it.
I know that recently some friends of mine are not really in good condition like I do. I really don't know how to give advice, as I can only try to be a good listener. And what I can be your loyal friend and when you guys need me, I always here to entertain ya all. Ya, I will always be the silly friend of you. *smile like a baka xD* Muacks for all ~~~

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Selamat Pagi & Selamat Malam

This two sentences.

" Good Morning "
"Good Night "

Seems so plain and normal when learnt it from the first class in kindergarten. Somehow its so sweet to hear it from someone that you care especially, everyday.



p/s : Thanks to everyone that ever say it to me. It really warm my heart. ^^

Friday, October 28, 2011


Sorry for not being able to contribute more. 
Sorry for not being care enough. 
Sorry for playing safe.
Sorry for close my eyes and shut my mouth.
Sorry for everything.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Ola ~

After weeks of crazy-busy-fun-moment, here I am again. No more meeting, no more practices, no more rushing at the night.No more mapley.No more junior, no more senior.

But for the moment only...Soon the day will come back, and before that, need to get myself mentally and physically prepared. 

I miss them.

Thursday, October 6, 2011


The one that I hate the most. She wear layers of masks. She smile, but no one ever know whether she smile sincerely or just a fake one. She get hurts, but she still smiling.and want to get hurt more.
How stupid.
Cover your face bitch ! As you only live to live.
When all other people live under a fake mask, she choose to appear her real identity.
While it comes to a should-be-honest situation, she failed to do so.
She need a hug.
A big hug.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Gambateh my dear, I'll fight on your behalf

To love somebody, is easy. 
But to love someone that worth your love, is hard.
Even it takes you forever to wait for the right one,
Even the process of waiting might pull you to the sea of confusion,
The forever will end too.
And he/she is the one that you were waiting for.
Worth it.

I'm not good in expressing my feelings.
I hate, 
I angry,
I jealous,
I like,
I love,
I want,
I ...

Sometimes I just don't get what I want actually.
If you know what I'm thinking, please tell me.
Don't watch me lost.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Evelyn and Mikhail

They know not each other.
But somehow destiny has bring them together,
As a compensation,
For once break her mother .. and his father, apart.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

See through me

What actually makes me come back to this dusty blog? Well cuz this is where I should come back sometimes.Should.

Firstly,not too late- Happy New Semester ! Yo,I'm here with the identity of a degree student in Accounting, compared to last semester where I was a degree student in Business Administration. Grats me ? Thanks.

Wonder where I've been these months ? I was working at famous fast food restaurant-KFC ! hahahha. Yes means I gained weight with having that high calories meal almost everyday included when in Ramadhan. I can say that almost 90% of my buka puasa(break-fast) meal was KFC-a spicy chicken,rice and coke/any carbohydrate drinks,maybe with some cheezy sauce/ mayonnaise to make it more delicious.Hahah.Maybe you will ask me:dont you get bored with it ? My answer is,yes.But it is still the favourite food ever. No complains. These 2 months of KFC had force me to make a decision - Won't buy KFC in this 5 years.LOL. Doesn't mean I wont eat, since I always welcome it to my stomach, with the condition its a treat. ^___^

Took picture of "bored" with webcam.Its my 2 hours break time.
For your information KFC is really good in providing best working environment for their worker.Health insurance,break time,free meal,punctual salary pay out.Best work ever I got compared to 7eleven and private cafes I worked b4.And oh ya flexible working time for part-time worker such as students.Just negotiate with the manager,with formal letter of course.

Now, back to UKM life. I get a new-big-weird room this semester, and a new room mate. Her name is Maryam Yussoff, a really sweet,hardworking, and cute girl. ^^ I already give her the title of Mathematic Queen title in my heart---Science Actuary. Awesome.

For this new semester begins bout 1 weeks, I make new friends, quite happy with it. ^^ Actually there's an incidence I would like to share which also made the title's of this entry. Today we had an ice breaking since the new lecturer(there's an original,cute, humorous lecturer before this,they change the lecturer in a week! %^#) want to know us ? Maybe. Well, EVERYONE was told to make a mind map of themselves, which consist of hobbies, passion, ambition and so on. In workplace communication II, as expected even the worst is still the best, they can express themselves with fluent English and some are with really sweet accent of it. My new friend- Afera, a senior from FST(biology) she is a really pure nice, friendly girl from Sarawak. I still can't remember her hometown's name,sorry bout that. But what makes me so love her is that she is so nice,purely. Her future plan is to go to oversea pursue her study, not because that Malaysia's education is not good but is because she want to learn more, to see more and then she can bring all that experience and knowledge back to Malaysia. Contribute to her beautiful, nice, peaceful hometown as she promote to the whole class. ^^ She want to help many kids that don't have the opportunity to learn and go to school, through both financial and ability, with the best try from her.

Soon after her presentation front of the class, here's a guy that with the nice formal clothes, nice leather shoes, nice new gadget too-IPad 2,Sony's android phone and so on. Everything seems really nice except...After you see how he introduce himself front of the class. Honestly? From the moment he start to speak, you can feel that he's not interested. Not interested with these kids play ? Well, a girl asked him for his age. The answer is secret. And then the lecturer asked is he older than the majority class? He just answer : well I worked for 2 years before I get in here. Leave the rest to everyone's imagination whether he was form diploma/STPM or what. Finally he claimed that he's doing property business, selling cars, houses and WHAT-SO-EVER, bla bla bla blacksheep. Nonetheless the red business card out of no where reached lecturer's table. *Tch* Weird, cuz from the way he talks, can't see that he have the "business passion".Hahaha. Whatever. Lastly, before he even answer the question thrown to him, he just pick up his white Sony phone and ran out from the stage. =__=) WHUUUATT THAA HIIEELL !!?? I just said : Looks like we have a business man in the class ! . Whole class heard what I've said of course. FYI, its not a compliment. Tell me you know it. =_=]"
Everyone has their own passion, in something.
Whats your's? Dancing? Money? Singing?
Sex? Boobs? Books?Games?
Or just simply, in making your loved one smile?

Well, I try to know everyone better from time to time. Still early to judge someone. But, as a judge, he can't even pass through the first round. OUT ! First impression, bad attitude, arrogant, not friendly, not serious, and the way he look at us is like : you guys are just pathetic young people sitting in this tiny class waiting to die. Darn, once again, you let me see the bad side of rich people. I hate it. Well, there ARE nice, cute and friendly rich people, but too few that you can count it with you 5 fingers. 90% of them? Yes, arrogant and no manner.
No smile from him. Not even once, at least when I look at him. Annoying, I just can't believe there's such student in NUoM. Dude ! You in the wrong place, you should be in Lim Kok Wing or any other private's. Wasting government's money to pay for your partition fee. And you this pathetic guy still say : I DIDN'T USE ANY OF MY PARENTS MONEY, NOT EVEN PTPTN NOR JPA (scholarship). Please, don't you all-things-know face tell you that the moment you come to government university,as a Malaysian, you already used up whole nation's tax that pay for part of your study fees ? If not its gonna turn from 4 digits to 5 digits.

Okay, I should stop this. Maybe someday I might accidently become this kind of person. Lord bless me, I would rather die. What I can promise is, in this moment all I wanted to do is, smile. Try to look through this smile, what can you see ? Hahahha. Anyway, I love the class, really. Its my favourite English class here. It won't change my passion towards this language. Next, Spanish class at 10 am later, looking forwards. :)

P/S: Congratulations to P.A.B.E. Popjocker Nick & the crew for making it to semi finals. Gosh I really need to watch the recording, can't anybody upload the dance competition for me ? xD

Sunday, August 14, 2011







p/s: its 14 august when the time I post this...Happy birthday to my dearly Gigi Cheoh Huei Chi...Love you always ! Smiles N' RockxX your life girl ! &~ Congrats on your graduation <3 Se7en N' powerpuff girl love you too ~ >o<)/

Thanks for celebrate my 20th birthday,WE gonna blow your 20th birthday too xD

Friday, August 12, 2011

thinking of you

When the night wind blows...
I think of you..
will the wind bring some pieces of me to you?

Friday, July 29, 2011

Dangerous ? Or not.

Its a morning with rain.
I'm still in my friend's house.
I was holding a baby Phython hours ago.Its a pet of Huei Chi's brother- Harry. He really like to have exotic pets such as Tarantula, scorpion and so on. Well. Special, right ? Its your own decision to decide whether those animals are dangerous, or not. Well,they are cute, yet can give a goosebumps even with 5 feets away.

His owner haven't give him(or her) a name yet.

Saturday, June 25, 2011


Do you like chocolates ?
When you are eating / buying / craving for chocolates , 
were you thinking of someone ?
Well, today when I went to a grocery stores to buy a bottle of mineral water and I just "accidentally" walk to the snack food department and try to find a chocolate. 
Suddenly someone's figure was in my head.
I just recall the person funny and naughty looks when he tried to hide the chocolate from his younger siblings. >< And whenever his brother come near him, he just hide the chocolates inside his clothes....LOL

Oh by the way, I bought a pack of choki choki and my room mate just said that I look like a children. =_=
Well, I do like choki choki and I like to buy it and share to my loves one. If you got a choki choki/ an offer of choki choki from me, means you can be categorize as my loves one too . heehe XD
For those who never seen one,here's the famous choki choki ! XD
Its in paste form of chocolate ,you can eat it in the way you want. ^^

Thursday, June 23, 2011

2 messages that you sent to inbox instead of wall

  • Sunday 19 June 2011

when you find someone that makes you feel the best person in the world, even if you are with your hair messed up, angry at your boss. and wrinkled clothes. pay attention ...... this person is special
Even if it's raining and the world ending it off, if that person makes you feel happy ....... look in his eyes .... I'm sure you will not regret
i could be saying how beeautyfull is this feeling but with a few words i can say everything i want
I Love You ><


  • Thurdsay 23 June 2011
When you meet someone and that someone makes your heart stops working
for a few seconds, pay attention. It may be the most important person in
your life.

If the eyes are crossed and now there is the same bright
between them, be warned: it may be the person that you are expecting from the
day that you born

If the touch of the lips is heavy, if the kiss is passionate and eyes
fill with water at this point, note: there is something magical between you.

If the first and last thought of the day for that person, if the will of
get together come up with squeezing the heart, thank, God sent you an
divine gift: love.

If one day have to apologize to each other for some reason and in return
receive a hug, a smile, a pat on the hair and gestures worth more
a thousand words, indulge yourself: you were meant for each other.

If for any reason you are sad, if life gave you a creeping, and this
person suffer your pain, cry your tears and wipe them
with tenderness, what a wonderful thing: you can count on it in any moment of your life

If you can smell it in thought of the person as if it
be there by your side ... if you find the spectacularly beautiful,
even though she is old pajamas, flip-flops and hair
tangles ...

If you can not work right all day, looking forward to the meeting that
is scheduled for the evening ... if you can not guess so
none, a future without the person next to you ...

If you're sure you'll see this person getting old, and even then,
have the conviction that you will still be crazy about him... if you prefer
die before seeing the other going away : it is love that came in your life.

Many people fall in love many times in life, but little love or
find true love. Or sometimes meet, and do not pay
attention to these signs, let love pass without letting it happen
And im here to don't let the love pass, im here to show you how wonderfull the world can be to two peoples who love trully....
Well i can't go before i say this, maybe look weird but I love you
Don't go awayyyyyyyy buaaaaaaaaaa im gonna cry

I think about what you told me this evening... 
My heart stop beating.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

P.A.B.E. Dance

Wondering what is P.A.B.E ? Well it stands for "Popping,Animation,Bogaloo,Effect". If not mistaken its a kind of "new term" created by SALAH the famous dancer in the industry. Its a really eye captured kind of dance introduced by my special Brazilian friend, Nick.

Make sure you watch this video until the end cuz its awesome ! Don't doubt your eye ,its real ! 
*Its not the p.a.b.e that I mentioned just now, it just the "friend" of it .*
Review >> 
D-Efeitos (D-FX) uses the music genre Glitch Music - Electronic Music with "erroneously" sounding glitches in the rythmic programming - and several techniques from Urban Dances as Waving, Robotting, Animation and Warping. In these musical 'defects', the cast of D-Efeitos executes the fragmented and vibrating dance, accelerating and decelerating, performing the song as a mathematical artistic expression. Vibrations on the sound waves become vibration and body waves. Sound delays manipulate the moves in a simulation of break in space-time. Each one of the notes and musical flaws are explored to become movement and body illusions. 

I just watch this video again and again cuz it really cute >o<
Credit to Popjocker ! Obrigado Nicolas ! Wooho !

Saturday, June 11, 2011

What a week

I don't know why I keep on have some accidents in this week. Which made me feel tired and exhausted,arghh.

Well, in wednesday 7 Jun I went for "outstation" at Klang cuz need to interview a young entrepreneur who have a chili farm at Meru. So? My group member rent a manual Kancil car and expect me to drive. I just curious why they want to have such trouble when there's already so many enterprise in this Bangi and Kajang area but YET they want to have a FAR enterprise to complete this business plan. I just can't get it. -___-

     Early in the morning I knew I had to wake up damn early and WALK to Rahim Kajai College cuz they ask the car owner to send the car there ( i was like: why the hell they dont just come pick me up 1st with the stupid car). Okay,I keep all my feelings inside my cracking head and just rush there by 8 am.) Somemore I know that one of the girl in my group have a Auto car (Proton Saga-THE LATEST EDITION ), why she dont want to drive her car ???? WHYYYYY ~ I asked them but no one had give me a satisfied answer.haih.

   To tell the truth, I'm a person who have a really bad temper after I woke up. I slept at 3 something in the morning and now I'm the one who drive, expecting a journey of one hour ++. Great. Its not like I don't like to drive car, instead I really love to drive. But what you have to know is, I don't like to have people shouting at me and keep on give me order to do this and that when I drive, and this what happened at that moment. These fella who really scared to drive manual car but keep on ask me to watch this out, watch that out. I can listen to many orders in a moment but I can only perform one, okay? I'm a machine who just listen and drive. Wrong input, wrong output. I can get everyone in the car killed easily,okay ? 

  Okay, stop with the bossy group mates thingy. Whenever they get panic easily, contrastly I'm a TOO COOL person who can still joking with them,just hoping they can be happy and positive in the journey. But I do admit that I have a biggest weaknesses which is... I get lost easily. Summore with the confusing road sign we have in Malaysia ,hah ! I can give you an example where You can even lost in Kuala Lumpur city even if you are a Kuala Lumpur-nian for 10 years ! For more, you may read this article from the Star.

Confusing: There are two directions for Kuala Lumpur on these
signs but the one on the left will lead drivers to Shah Alam first.

  Okay,back to the story where I drive car. Thank god its a safe journey. Just that we can't find our way out to Setiawan cuz we keep on shuffle in Klang highway. hahha. And then with the wrong order from my friend, I just need to do an emergency U-turn,hah ! This just shocked them out the way ~lolx. Its not my fault, cuz one of them said : sini U-turn je la. Ok,next second I just do what she asked. I just follow order, okay ? Theres many time in the car they keep do things like this, so I just do what I need to. Hahah,maybe its my fault too cuz I listen to them too much. Oh ya, the car just almost get into a small drain. They panicked and keep on saying : omg what to do omg what to do. I just ask them to get out from the car and then I just start the engine and forward,yup forward..After reverse we need to forward.Thats all. They laughed. XD

  Anyway, its a pleasure journey for me,but in the way back I just get really tired so I asked my friend to TRY to drive. Hahah, I think her skill let me almost vomit in the car and get killed too but I just keep silence cuz I don't want to pressure her. Nice job anyway.

2nd Chili farm at Jalan Jambu Meru ,owned by Mr Kamarul Effendi, 28 years old.
My pose are funny cz like " Support the local chili" hahaha

  Yesterday, friday 10 Jun. I'm lazy to tell the details cuz I don't want worry my friends. I'm injured.Not really that serious, but still hurt,to be honest.haha. 

  Final exam is around the corner. Time to study and finish my assignments.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My results

Since I never sees my results as a confidential thing, I will post it here . So that I will let anyone/everyone see it, and maybe I expect some advices from you all. What do you think ? Should I resit the exam for Macroeconomics( semester 2 ) in my 2nd year later on ? Because I was a little bit  worry to have statistics and macroeconomics in a same time. All of them said that statistics are a VERY SCARY subject. Sigh. Anyway, I will take both of them, but just not sure whether to have them in a same time. See ? I'm repeating what I've said just now. Anyhow thats just too terrible for me. Cuz in my mind I expected a C-. (>_<) lol

As Abang Palie said, I'm going to have more HARDCORE subjects in the future. Yepp, another 3 years to go. Bachelor of Accounting(HONS) rockxxxxx !!! (>o<) I had chose my path, shall never regret it, ever. Pray harder so that I'm still alive until then. Oh mammamia.(my roomate -Olin just acciddently yelled this words after I type it,lol !)

Here it goes...

Jump down from the cliff in a tremendous way huh. Then I shall climb back. Or at least find myself a comfortable position to hang on.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


I'm waiting...


I wonder what am I waiting for....


What results?

Results from exam ? Results from life ? Results from love ? 

I just wonder when will I stop waiting...

They said it will be undertaking future for me.

I wonder bout it sometimes...Just sometimes.

Girl at the mirror -by Norman Rockwell

Waiting is painful. Forgetting is painful. But not knowing which to do is the worse kind of suffering.
~Paulo Cohelho

Monday, June 6, 2011

Pra você

For you
For you, I want to be
The joy of the homecoming
The gleam of light, bringing a new day,
Illuminating the veranda
For you, I want to be
The confidence, the reason
The reason of your dreaming every day
Ensuring you there is no limit for you
At your side, I want to be
An unexpected meeting
The shiver of a sweet kiss
I want to be your peace, the melody
Capable to make you dance
For you, I want to be
Like the moon lighting up the sun
I want to wake up every day
Just to make all my love to you
For you, I want to be
Arms wide open that enfold you
And by every new smile of yours
I'll become happier, because I have loved you
Because I live for you
Because I sing for you
For you

Pra você

Eu quero ser pra você
A alegria de uma chegada
Clarão trazendo o dia
Iluminando a sacada
Eu quero ser pra você
A confiança o que te faz
Te faz sonhar todo dia
Sabendo que pode mais
Eu quero ser ao teu lado
Encontro inesperado
O arrepio de um beijo bom
Eu quero ser sua paz a melodia capaz
De fazer você dançar
Eu quero ser pra você
A lua iluminando o sol
Quero acordar todo dia
Pra te fazer todo o meu amor
Eu quero ser pra você
Braços abertos a te envolver
E a cada novo sorriso teu
Serei feliz por amar você
Se eu vivo pra você
Se eu canto pra você
Pra você

p/s: I thought this beautiful Paula Fernandes is a guy when I first heard this song.... (=_=),cz I thought its a feminine voice from a guy jz like J***** B*****

Monday, May 9, 2011

Funky LG Lollipop

Just want to share a song with you guys though not a new song. Quite cheeky, funky , funny korean song for promoting LG's phone-Lollipop.First time see this cool Kpop male group-BIG BANG wearing these colourful outfits but still keeping their original style.Featuring 2NE1 here is it.

New-Lollipop. Big bang only

Friday, May 6, 2011

Bahasa Melayu Era Facebook

Secara tiba-tiba ingin meluahkan sedikit sebanyak apa yang terpendam dalam hati kecil ini.Ingin tahu apa sebab yang mendorong saya ingin menaip ini?

BENDA INI  lah kalau saudara saudari ingin tahu.

Ingin saya luahkan apa yang saya rasa semenjak saya bergaul rapat dengan orang Melayu... Apa yang saya akan katakan ini tidak berunsurkan biased ataupun merujuk kepada 100 % rakyat yang bergelar Melayu, harap-harap saya tidak akan didakwa ataupun ditangkap polis depan khalayak ramai atas kes ISA. Saya juga tidak berniat untuk mencaci mana-mana pihak, dan jangan soalkan saya berbangsa apa sebab secara jujur saya tidak pernah yakin samada saya berdarah Melayu atau tidak, meskipun ramai yang berpendapat Jawa adalah sebahagian daripada Melayu. Ya,memang benar saya ini kacukan Cina Malaysia dan Jawa Timur Indonesia. Isu bangsa seharusnya sudah tidak dikisah sangat di zaman sekarang lebih-lebih di Malaysia yang telah dilancarkan "1 Malaysia"(yang tidak sebegitu memberi inspirasi berbanding Vision 2020). Saya tidak suka apabila orang mencaci dan dicaci orang, jadi saya sendiri tidak akan mencaci. Faham? Tidak mengapa kalau tidak faham.

Selama saya belajar Bahasa Melayu dari tadika,sekolah rendah hinggalah ke sekolah menengah saya tidak pernah belajar gaya penulisan Bahasa Melayu yang pelik sebegini. Secara jujurnya budak-budak / sesiapapun yang menulis macam ini memang menjatuhkan darjat "Melayu" itu sendiri. Secara jujurnya saya sendiri pernah terpesong sikit dengan menambah "wwwwww~" di belakang perkataan yang saya taip,tapi saya tidak pernah sesekali terbalikkan ejaan secara sengaja(bukan typo).Adakah ini semua salah laman web sosial yang wujud pada abad 21 ini?

Ini sememangnya tidak boleh dikatakan sebagai penambahbaikan seperti yang berlaku pada zaman Tanah Melayu berubah ke Malaysia di mana banyak perkataan Melayu diubah ejaan. Sebagai contoh, dari puteh ke putih, ayer ke air, endah ke indah, heran ke hairan .Untuk maklumat lanjut boleh rujuk laman ini. Balik ke topik asal, saya tidak rasa Bahasa Melayu Facebook boleh "didaftar" ke dalam Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka meskipun ia amat popular hingga ke akhir zaman.

Sebelum saya masuk ke matrikulasi, saya amat jarang bergaul dengan orang Melayu di mana 95% yang saya kenal adalah berbangsa bukan Melayu tulen. Imej "Melayu" dalam hati saya masih lagi "bersih dan suci" pada masa itu, dari segi agamanya, adabnya, tingkah lakunya, sifatnya. Tapi setelah masuk ke Matrikulasi yang majoritinya bumiputera, culture shock sekejap dan seterusnya makin jelas yang sebenarnya orang-orang muda Melayu ini hampir serupa saja dengan orang bukan Melayu, malah lebih Extreme. Apabila Si Cina cuba menjaga hati Si Melayu ini, disangkakan "babi" adalah perkataan yang tidak sopan, mereka sanggup berminta maaf setelah menyedari telah menyebut "babi" secara tidak sengaja di depan Si Melayu. Tetapi Si Melayu ini boleh pula asyik "babi la ~babi la~kepala hotak ko babi". Tidak sopan, kasar, tidak beradab yang saya ingin kata di sini. Memang ada juga orang bukan Melayu yang berperangai sebegini, tapi mereka tidak melakukannya terhadap rakan yang beragama Islam, sekurang-kurangnya bukan tanpa izin kawannya.

Sebut tentang "kawan", setahu saya dalam kamus Melayu "kawan" tidak didefinisikan sebagai member, tapi mengapa Si Melayu suka menggunakan istilah member (ahli) sebagai "kawan"? Jika hendak dikatakan maksudnya hampir sama...Oh tidak ! member is member, friend is friend,not same at all.Untuk pengetahuan semua, saya pelajari istilah "BM-member" semasa saya baru masuk ke matrikulasi. Susah juga pada mula-mula nya ingin berkomunikasi dengan kawan Melayu, apabila tidak faham,hanya boleh senyum ataupun gigih sedikit- "ha? ha???".Mujurlah saya seorang yang senang tangkap,boleh juga "ajar" kawan cina yang kadang-kadang memang tidak faham langsung Bahasa Era Baru yang bercampur dialek Kelantan,Pahang,Terengganu dan sebagainya.

Banyak lagi yang saya ingin cerita, tapi ia akan menjadi bosan apabila saya menaipnya dalam Bahasa Melayu standard ,bukan? Bak kata orang sekarang(bukan kata orang dulu), inovasi dan kreativiti lebih menyeronokkan. Apa-apa pun, kecuali lah terpaksa,memang mustahil saya akan menghantar anak-anak/anak buah saya pergi sekolah yang majoriti Melayu,sekurang-kurangnya BUKAN semasa mereka kecil, dimana kanak-kanak mudah terpengaruh pada waktu genting hidup mereka.

Post Script (P/S) : "Tidak beradab" pun ada HADnya..Dan saya tidak suka orang yang bodoh lagi tidak beradab.

Monday, May 2, 2011


*The pictures are not according to the sequence,refer to the pages on it,example:m/s 3 drpd 10*

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Why am I thinking of you…

The happiness fades...
No more hates,
no more..
no more.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

oh banyak ye....bagi yang dalam ukm saje takde..? sebab maybe saya kenal..hehehe~

= =....dlm ukm..yg paling current ? hahah~ Farid !! *blush* heehe. wlupun sy sbnarnye x brape kenal dia~

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wooooww~~boley saya tau siapa that lucky guy? excited ni~~!

hahaha ~ erm.. jejaka idaman sy sentiasa bertukar . perlu ke nk list kan semua ?

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Satu soalan pada awak... Dalam life awak dalam ukm ni, awak ada tersuka pada sesiapa tak? ehehehehe~ jawab ye~~=)

ini soalan yg senang.hurm


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best moment/peristiwa dalam dot?

ermm...too many too many too many ~ even when we sit together n saying nothing..I also enjoy the moment..for having someone I care n trust to be around me.

p/s : u hvnt sleep ?lol

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sudah melaksanakan tgung jwb kita sbgai org islam? sudah melaksanakan amar makruf nahi munkar?

Allah hu'alam

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hampir smua manusia zaman skrg bodoh btol x? pndai cari makan je....

lumrah manusia.

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When someone sees you crying, and ask: "Are you sad?" Punch them in the face, and ask: "Are you okay?"

is this a question ?!

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When you're lost, are you more likely to ask for directions or find your way without help?

the 1st one of course.oni if aft the person are help for nothing ,then oni I find my own way ~

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Friday, April 1, 2011

The end,means A new start.Yes it's a DOT ! Happy April FOol !

Congratulations to Kelab Kebudayaan Dato' Onn College cz had work so hard to raise up KDO's reputation in ICAF '11.

Congratz D.O.T had won the 2nd place in theatre's
COngrtaz As Sharif had won 1st place in photography's
Congratz Nasyid De'Voices for 2nd runner up in Nasyid's
Congratz Lenggang Dato' N d Band of KDO
And of course Nurul Wahida for your great acting skill and named the "best supporting actress".Not forgotten Gaia Faiz Zahadi who won away "best supporting actor" though u 2 r actually d main character in the plays.

Well Done !

Dotteru yg nama asal Dotteri,tp cheq tak suka bunyi "teri" kblakangan ni,
jadi sy namakan dia "DOTTERU",comel kan ~ tp dia hilang entah ke mana.
>.< Sama ngan Dottera,hilang jugak.

My second family,D.O.T.
credit to Farah Aqilah as the photographer.

SUSAH nak nampak KIM JUN NAS aka NEPAL se-handsome ni.
credit to Farah Aqilah ,again !
Nas Director ~ u r so cool ! Wish for ur thumby can heal asap !

The more challenges we face,the stronger we grow.
DOT masih hidup,
DOT tetap hidup,
DOT akan terus hidup,
As long as we keep with the faith.
Yes,the "faith",just like what Aesya Jamil said in The Gallows.