Saturday, May 19, 2012

There's still another 4 days to ICAF.
Means, there's still another 4 days too, to my UBS exam.
Hope I can get credit it, get my UBS certificate ! Need to win ! Need to win !
Come on girl, you can do it !

Monday, May 7, 2012

 It was the super moon I saw days back. I mentioned it many times with my dear cuz its really pretty. Haha. But I didn't know it called as super moon. Why not Sailor Moon? XD

Good night everyone. ^__^

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Today I met my best buddy - HC at Mines. Last time saw her was when my birthday 13th April, well, not really long time ago actually. It can be long in other way, I mean if its the 15 years old Rohani surely will say: aiyo long time didn't see HC ledi(just 2 weeks). I used to see her everyday, and talk to her everyday. We were very close, well now we are still very close, in terms of mentally and soul. Nowadays really hard to have a friend like this anymore, even we parted but still cling to each others heart. 

By the way,she said she just back from Astro interview session, so let wish her best of luck to get a new job environment la ya !(Same goes to my sister,hope her can get a better job soon!) Suddenly have a thought: maybe God want us to met because we so long time didn't sweet sweet already ! haha.

We not same colour but we are best friend!


Today date with him, I can't recall this is the Nth time we have official date. Sometimes we would have twice official date monthly or just have monthly date. Heehe. Now already May, once entered 23th then it should be half a year already. 6 months, how fast the time had passed isn't it? And today for the first time(?) you start the topic of "future", well usually I'm the one who start it first ain't ya? This makes me feel.. well.. seems like my dear really worry about it. I know usually even you were worried about many things you wont tell me cuz you keep it insides you. 
For the time being, just like I told you, don't worry too much, everything will be fine. Just do what we can, okay? There is no relationship that insured 100% it will stay until the end of the world even after marriage. Well, just pray to Lord Allah that everything will be nice enough for us! Just like all those green traffic lights we've been through in the day- during the process we might urge to get to the green lights, but when we go farther, the red one just shines before us, got annoyed might be, but then- slow down little bit, just keep the engine keep moving steadily... and ta-daaa! Its green again !

Sometimes you just need to have patience and slow down a little bit
when this flash means "No" to you
until you see the lovely green say "Go".