Monday, December 31, 2012


Nope, definitely not influenced by Lord of the Ring nor The Hobbit.
All these time I always wanted a ring, especially after lost the one given by my mum, which its given by her tauke, a souvenir from Korea. While seeing all the girls around me especially those girls that have boyfriend, they all have a ring, though not sure its cheap ring or not, its given by their boyfriend or not, but the fact is, they all have ring. So, I want too.

Two days ago went to south city, saw one of the tapak jualan there have sell pretty rings, and its really cheap. So I bought one for myself. =D I don't want to ask my boyfriend to buy one ring for me, and I don't have the patience to wait him to buy one for me. With my own money own effort, I give myself a ring. I won't tell anyone about its price, cuz I want it to looked more expensive than its price. ^^ And in front of people I wont tell that I bought it myself, cuz normally people will guess its a gift from my bf, so be it. Why he didnt want to buy a ring for me when I want it so bad? Haha, maybe I didnt tell him? Or maybe he simply dont want to buy. Or maybe, leave it to imaginations, maybe. ^^ Suddenly remember the scene where Mr Bean's gf want a ring as Xmas present but end up getting hook in a ring's box. xD

This ring really make me feel happy. ^_____^ . Haha. Well woman likes shiny little thing(vampire is not little shiny thing though) ^^
My Precious ! My Precious! xD

Sunday, December 30, 2012

2013 Calendar (Malaysia)

2013 is just around the corner, you might having some trouble to get free calendar when you buy something from the shops in these days. Well, unlike the old time, now we have internet, where to get a calendar is not a problem anymore. As a substitute to those horse racing calendar, a simple one might come in handy too!

You can download from the link here:
there is two version of it, slightly different to suit my own taste actually xD
2013 desk calendar(1)
2013 desk calendar(2)
or you can edit one on your own at time and date's website.

Not to forget, HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Few days back someone ask me to try apply the conference trip to Osaka, Japan that going to held in next year around April. Minimum requirement of course the basic pointer thing. Well, ya I know my accumulated pointer for time being still slightly above 3. Well just slightly above, thats all. He added:" you can speak and read chinese, so it would be advantage for you to go there." Tempted, really.

Actually, Japan indeed is my dream country to visit since decade ago. One of the attractive point I enter Uni was also the chance to be exchange student or even have chance to visit other country that everyone dream to. I already forget the dream since long, and after know the real expenditure(though mostly the trip is sponsored), it just demotivated me. Ya, I know, if nobody sponsor, then you yourself have to find yourself a sponsor. And even if there's already sponsor, still, you will need about one thousand plus to pay this and that which I don't know what's that. Even before you step there, few hundreds to thousand ringgit already spent, for a person like me, without support from family, where I have to fully depends on JPA scholarships and some part time job to live on, I really rather to give that chance away.

With that hundreds to thousand ringgit, I can take my beloved mum to a nice dinner, buy her some supplement and will able to put a shower heater in the shower room which my brother promised to put one but never. Furthermore, that sum of money I can use as my installment to buy my first car or even house in the future. Sigh. Last time my mum even say she want to try take driving license in Malaysia so that she can drive motor / car legally. Well, if few years back I would say to her: "no need la..., here many auntie2 uncle2 also dont have license.." or " it would be difficult to pass the computer test if you didnt study and read and click the mouse speedly(my mum click mouse very slow one, I taught her before)" See? You must think I'm such a bad daughter, how could I discourage my own mum to do things she want? Well, that was past, now since she have nothing to do at home, and even start to work at factory, she can earn more money than spend it, so I just say: "Ma, you just whatever that you want to do la ok." As a daughter I learnt that this time I should act like she did - like how she let me do everything I want since kids. She never say: tak payah la buat ni, nanti.. (negative thing). Except one, she didn't let me to join pancaragam team like my sis did. Cuz she know she'll tired to send me to training and pick me up middle of the nite(training usually end very late).

Ok, well back to the story, the purpose. The original purpose I want to go to other country, simply have a walk, be a tourist, take some picture, eat some rare food, see and communicate with foreign citizen. I still can accomplish it without need to join the conference/exchange student programme. In future after I work, I can have my own money, buy tickets from AirAsia, arrange my timetable, fly to another country~ Ok, some might say, if I have the experience during my student life, it might colours up my resume. Haha, its okay. Really, its okay. Of course somewhere deep in my heart, I will say, I really want to go. If given a chance who don't want? Anyway, I don't need that kind of glamour now. Not now.

Anyway, I already bought two tickets to Surabaya many months ago. Will fly to my mum's kampung next month. =) Not for conference/academic activity, but to relax myself and make my mum happy. How great will that be~ I went to Indonesia once only, that time I was in standard one, in the year 1998, ya I know economic crisis that time, but somehow that's the last luxurious life of my family, with my late father. After that trip everything just fall apart. Nevermind lets skip it. =) Hopefully this coming trip will go smoothly and will have safe journey during two weeks there. Oh ya, will see my family there, maybe you guys don't know, I have another sister there, biologically, she is the anak sulung of my mum, the kakak of my big brother. Means actually I have 4 siblings, I'm the 4th! In my memory of 8 years old, she's very tall and have very fair skin. She have two daughter, means actually total up I have 3 niece, 1 nephew. And I think the eldest girl- Cindy already about 13 or 14 years old. WOW~ XD

Ah, can't wait.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Saw this when hang clothes

Actually I have this clothes since secondary school. Surprise when saw the "kooki" sounds and pronounce almost the same as the "kookie~" of Kim Joong Kok in Running Man~ (^^)/

Monday, December 3, 2012