Monday, September 26, 2011

Gambateh my dear, I'll fight on your behalf

To love somebody, is easy. 
But to love someone that worth your love, is hard.
Even it takes you forever to wait for the right one,
Even the process of waiting might pull you to the sea of confusion,
The forever will end too.
And he/she is the one that you were waiting for.
Worth it.

I'm not good in expressing my feelings.
I hate, 
I angry,
I jealous,
I like,
I love,
I want,
I ...

Sometimes I just don't get what I want actually.
If you know what I'm thinking, please tell me.
Don't watch me lost.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Evelyn and Mikhail

They know not each other.
But somehow destiny has bring them together,
As a compensation,
For once break her mother .. and his father, apart.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

See through me

What actually makes me come back to this dusty blog? Well cuz this is where I should come back sometimes.Should.

Firstly,not too late- Happy New Semester ! Yo,I'm here with the identity of a degree student in Accounting, compared to last semester where I was a degree student in Business Administration. Grats me ? Thanks.

Wonder where I've been these months ? I was working at famous fast food restaurant-KFC ! hahahha. Yes means I gained weight with having that high calories meal almost everyday included when in Ramadhan. I can say that almost 90% of my buka puasa(break-fast) meal was KFC-a spicy chicken,rice and coke/any carbohydrate drinks,maybe with some cheezy sauce/ mayonnaise to make it more delicious.Hahah.Maybe you will ask me:dont you get bored with it ? My answer is,yes.But it is still the favourite food ever. No complains. These 2 months of KFC had force me to make a decision - Won't buy KFC in this 5 years.LOL. Doesn't mean I wont eat, since I always welcome it to my stomach, with the condition its a treat. ^___^

Took picture of "bored" with webcam.Its my 2 hours break time.
For your information KFC is really good in providing best working environment for their worker.Health insurance,break time,free meal,punctual salary pay out.Best work ever I got compared to 7eleven and private cafes I worked b4.And oh ya flexible working time for part-time worker such as students.Just negotiate with the manager,with formal letter of course.

Now, back to UKM life. I get a new-big-weird room this semester, and a new room mate. Her name is Maryam Yussoff, a really sweet,hardworking, and cute girl. ^^ I already give her the title of Mathematic Queen title in my heart---Science Actuary. Awesome.

For this new semester begins bout 1 weeks, I make new friends, quite happy with it. ^^ Actually there's an incidence I would like to share which also made the title's of this entry. Today we had an ice breaking since the new lecturer(there's an original,cute, humorous lecturer before this,they change the lecturer in a week! %^#) want to know us ? Maybe. Well, EVERYONE was told to make a mind map of themselves, which consist of hobbies, passion, ambition and so on. In workplace communication II, as expected even the worst is still the best, they can express themselves with fluent English and some are with really sweet accent of it. My new friend- Afera, a senior from FST(biology) she is a really pure nice, friendly girl from Sarawak. I still can't remember her hometown's name,sorry bout that. But what makes me so love her is that she is so nice,purely. Her future plan is to go to oversea pursue her study, not because that Malaysia's education is not good but is because she want to learn more, to see more and then she can bring all that experience and knowledge back to Malaysia. Contribute to her beautiful, nice, peaceful hometown as she promote to the whole class. ^^ She want to help many kids that don't have the opportunity to learn and go to school, through both financial and ability, with the best try from her.

Soon after her presentation front of the class, here's a guy that with the nice formal clothes, nice leather shoes, nice new gadget too-IPad 2,Sony's android phone and so on. Everything seems really nice except...After you see how he introduce himself front of the class. Honestly? From the moment he start to speak, you can feel that he's not interested. Not interested with these kids play ? Well, a girl asked him for his age. The answer is secret. And then the lecturer asked is he older than the majority class? He just answer : well I worked for 2 years before I get in here. Leave the rest to everyone's imagination whether he was form diploma/STPM or what. Finally he claimed that he's doing property business, selling cars, houses and WHAT-SO-EVER, bla bla bla blacksheep. Nonetheless the red business card out of no where reached lecturer's table. *Tch* Weird, cuz from the way he talks, can't see that he have the "business passion".Hahaha. Whatever. Lastly, before he even answer the question thrown to him, he just pick up his white Sony phone and ran out from the stage. =__=) WHUUUATT THAA HIIEELL !!?? I just said : Looks like we have a business man in the class ! . Whole class heard what I've said of course. FYI, its not a compliment. Tell me you know it. =_=]"
Everyone has their own passion, in something.
Whats your's? Dancing? Money? Singing?
Sex? Boobs? Books?Games?
Or just simply, in making your loved one smile?

Well, I try to know everyone better from time to time. Still early to judge someone. But, as a judge, he can't even pass through the first round. OUT ! First impression, bad attitude, arrogant, not friendly, not serious, and the way he look at us is like : you guys are just pathetic young people sitting in this tiny class waiting to die. Darn, once again, you let me see the bad side of rich people. I hate it. Well, there ARE nice, cute and friendly rich people, but too few that you can count it with you 5 fingers. 90% of them? Yes, arrogant and no manner.
No smile from him. Not even once, at least when I look at him. Annoying, I just can't believe there's such student in NUoM. Dude ! You in the wrong place, you should be in Lim Kok Wing or any other private's. Wasting government's money to pay for your partition fee. And you this pathetic guy still say : I DIDN'T USE ANY OF MY PARENTS MONEY, NOT EVEN PTPTN NOR JPA (scholarship). Please, don't you all-things-know face tell you that the moment you come to government university,as a Malaysian, you already used up whole nation's tax that pay for part of your study fees ? If not its gonna turn from 4 digits to 5 digits.

Okay, I should stop this. Maybe someday I might accidently become this kind of person. Lord bless me, I would rather die. What I can promise is, in this moment all I wanted to do is, smile. Try to look through this smile, what can you see ? Hahahha. Anyway, I love the class, really. Its my favourite English class here. It won't change my passion towards this language. Next, Spanish class at 10 am later, looking forwards. :)

P/S: Congratulations to P.A.B.E. Popjocker Nick & the crew for making it to semi finals. Gosh I really need to watch the recording, can't anybody upload the dance competition for me ? xD