Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Gallows ,symbolize the end.

For all what we work for and cry for and bleed for , we deserve nothing.
For all the reason I stay for ,now you take it away from me.
As if,
the gallows and rope noose is for me,
to hang myself,
to hang this family,
to hang this world the ... end.

The gallows aren't just the instrument to end ones' life,but to end everything ,too.

place to return,

I hate you.

Let me become a wandering soul,a homeless spirit,
let me hate you forever,
let me curse you forever,
let me haunt you forever and ever.

For what you had did,
you deserves it.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Flawless love

Here’s the story everyone,actually more like a diary,hmm,nothing really personal.hahaa.

                Weeks ago,when I was chatting online with my dearest friend KY,out of sudden she just sent a link and ask me to check it out. It was a link for ,a website where they give(sell) out voucher up to 90% discount everyday.From head to toe ,and from in(stomach) to out,you can find various deals  there,all mainly in Klang valley and KL. Well,back here,KY actually showed a page of nails art deal: Rm15 pedicure/medicure(original price RM90-save up to 83%),WOW,that’s awesome.And KY seems really want me to buy one also,erm,actually not only me,its for 4 princess deal.Wahaha ! okay.Seems Princess KY really want to organize a “princess time” for us.


The day that we should hang out together :
18 March 2011 had finally here.

It’s a Friday morning and I was supposed to have a class in 8 ..
”Personally Call it off” cuz I was in my dream when the class was having in FEP.Huh~~~~~~I went to FEP anyway,with the hope at least I could sign for the attendance,lol.As expected,10 am it already end when it supposedly end by 11.sigh.Just worried if I skipped I for 4 times already(If skipped more than 4 ,they will ban me from taking final exam*OMG*)

After that, I head to dean office to take my KMJP(kad masuk Dan Jadual Peperiksaan).Suddenly an idea pop out and the next thing I’ve done is on PK(Pusat kesihatan).Yup,I went to see the doctor,claim that I had A’ headache(actually I did hv),n successfully got my medical certificate~ yes ! I asked for an extra vitamins from the male doctor but he turns out gave me a vitamins with the “appeton” effects..(=.=)”..Hey Doc,I already hv a extremely strong appetite ya know ? Can’t blame him since I said: I only eat once a day but in large quantity,but the doc want me to eat regularly…Anyway,with painkiller medicine and appetizer vitamins PLUS an MC,I walked out from Health Centre.

Scared that I will late for Princess Date,everythings was done extremely fast as lighting~lol.I manage to wash my clothes n shower AND THEN hang my clothes and everything(boring with my rutin?lol)…Blaa bla bla black sheep.You know what? I spoiled my wedge shoes ..a minute of frust + lazy to go back n take another shoes,I’d done something horrible to the shoes ,revenge to it.I split it in order I can walk~Just like those in movie’s heroin’s done to their high heels,but those are heels,this one is wedge !...anyway I manage to walk with it n finally threw the whole things aft I borrowed slipper from HC later.

I've split the upper part from the bottom part.."cool" huh !!??
With KTM and everything I manage to reach Serdang KTM station ,early.(Note: I often late whenever I was suppose to meet KY).Then,I had my brunch(7 up and a chicken pau).KY n me meet HC at her house n then HC drive us to sunway..Really excited when see HC ~~ arghhh~hahahha.Quite a time lo horhhh since we see each other last time.missu missu missu.
We were suppose to pick Cali JQ up at sunway college,aft her class..Called n called but it went to voicemail box.grhh..finally get through but she said she have emergency n cant go for nail art today…hmm..a little bit disappoint but its okay..

Rain poured down heavily…
And we lost in Sunway SS 15..erkk..almost banged by a taxi..almost “caught” by police…LOL..but everything just got through when both HC and KY’s aura to “electric shock” ppl even from miles away~LOLLLL.Thank god we arrive Artistic safely ,and wet.These are the “project” we’ve done~ Really nice~~~~ like it very much and half-glad they didn’t draw it on fake nails cz usually it very long ya know.
This is what HC's picked for her nails. As usual,she really love pink colour <3
After the nail painting part we head to sunway pyramid :

~watch “big momma” with kids price(KY’s fren worked there n helped us to get it lol,credit to the sweet gurl with same name of KY )

~dine in Pizza Hut

~ Shops n I bought a really nice “Playez” shoes~ yeahh !

On the way back to serdang..Lost.. again ! this time we even make to “super high way “ to Johor ya know~N then to IPOH ~tols by tols~luckily the car fuel stil available or else we really hv to call police to help us lol. OmG~ Ya know,Princesses in the house are really adventurous .err..i mean princesses in the saga car are really adventurous~huuhu !

After a fun ,adventurous and sweet day,finally reach home laaaa <3
mine <3 worth Rm 90

19 march 2011

Ermm.Went to meet this boy.Actually know him in KTM.A really nice ,sweet boy..n quite good looking too.But ! BUT ! He is a mommy’s boy which I really can’t stand of(HC n KY oso agree that mommy’s boy really hard to be a good BF) least this candidate B is better than Candidate A which I date long time ago.The part he’s better than the Candidate A:


~Talkative,seldom meet somebody talkative than me ya know !

~Know to returns favor.Me belanja him drinks then he blanje me ice-cream.Well,I don’t really mind the price diff since I know him credibility.BUT at least he keep saying that he want to blanje me lorh,not like candidate A who still hvnt return my favor aft I treat him a meal ! Darn ! How on earth there’s guy like Mr A !!! ..So,I think this Mr B is still….ok la.

~Know to ask me whether reach home(actually is ukm) safely or not.This is the basic right?But I 4got since the Mr A never ask me aft that stupid date.DARN ! why on earth there’s a human like him? Even I date with KY she often ask me whether I had reach home safely or not~

Hmm..totally..I think both are not really my type…haiz..I wonder is it I’m the one who too picky..HEY ! I have the rights to do so ,ok? No need other people to remind me:you deserved for the better one.I know myself,that I DO DESERVE FOR A BETTER GUY.Its not like I think that I hv the damn good GF quality,well,at least I need to have someone with the same thought as me,AT LEAST !

I think I have only mention the general qualifications to be my BF in the last last last blog entry.So now I want to list out MORE SPECIFIC requirements.:

1)      MUET speaking and listening part..PASS AT LEAST !
~Well,you guys have to know,my speaking part in malay is poorer than my English and Chinese…So,this part are really a Big boundary for me..although I’m still try my self to get well my malay..SO,I really hope people out there can try their best to get well with personal’s 2nd and 3rd and 4th and so on so on language,for your own good actually.
ermm..Candi. A ok gua..Candi B I think probably he not as right-mind person like Candi A..forgive him..

2)      As adventurous as me !
~I’m a quite independent lady and never afraid of lost myself in a big city nor in jungle.(candi. B keep saying that he scared that he will lost in a MALL !!!!!) OMG,sorry to him that I keep badmouthing him here,but just for reference to those girl who seek for BF too..Never Find a guy that admit himself afraid of they can’t protect u,MENTALY ! BUtttTTT ! I asked him : do u scared of get lost in a jungle,he answed: NO..Hmm..
Ok..still have hope for this jungle boy.
You are not chained nor can't speak,why you want to afraid of outside world?
 Picture From:Kaspar Hause ,Opera for the Full Body

3)      As geek as me!
~Well,in my mindset I always think that boys MUST know at least something bout computer…cyber world I mean.Not much,but at least the most common thing plz !(I dowan to say what happen.imagine yourself)
Hmm..Candidate A pass this requirement at least.
Even my cat know how to surve internet and find some frens on9.

4)      As matured as me !
~Actually this is the crucial part.I don’t say that I’m REALLY MATURED ,cuz I do have childish part,I know.But I’m still try my best to be a better woman.I think that anyone with this element will definitely pass through the 1st three requirements. A matured man will definitely equip themselves with lots of thing to be a better man,learn English is basic and second is technology. A man with matured thinking definitely will calm down when they lost and never tell other people that they scared eventhough they are.
 A guy that have no knowledge of IT in nowadays are really far left behind the world,even though they can be a good husband,basically.

Erm..I critic too much..Sometimes I think I can be a better boyfriend than those boys I met,which oppositely make me a little bit not suitable to be an ideal GF,lol.
1)      To be a BF,I have the attitude of not mind of spending my money on girls,at least on food n simple present .
2)      To be a BF,I have the awesomeness where I can speak more than 4 languages and always score in my language subject especially international language.
3)      To be a BF,I can fixed her broken down computer..or at least I know how to format computer.sigh.
4)      To be a BF,I always care bout her.At least the basic one cuz I worry her don’t have enough sleep,enough meal ,enough money and enough safety.
5)      To be a BF,I will always find alternatives to have more pocket money in the present n earn more money in the future .
6)      To be a BF,I will happily introduce her to my family and say: she’s my GF.
7)      To be a BF,I will buy her a ring and says: you are mine.

Darn ! Seriously ! but the thing is..I do have lots of weak point..:

1)      Hot-Tempered (but I can only mad at ppl for 3 seconds,and then I will cool down,but oftenly within those 3 seconds I can cause a tsunami,lol)
2)      Not really into religious way of life.Sigh.Can’t blame me since I grew up in a surrounding with no exact Muslim’s way of life,I’m trying to equip myself with that point…Its not one-day-lesson.
3)      Arrogant(sometimes) hahaha.I didn’t do that purposely.just my way to increase my own self-confidence and self-esteem.
4)      Think too much.this would definitely scared people off especially I really pressure myself to get things done with- not the perfect,but at least :FLAWLESS.Yup,I found the word,flawless,means zero defect,but not equal to perfect.*what am I talking?!!!*
Grahhhh~ I can be really scary

1,711 words not include this sentence and captions I have type.Guess I should stop here.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

march !

Recently there's many love stories around me.Feel excited yet make me feel sick.
I want to start one.
So here we go.

The Terms and condition to be my lover.
1) Must be a male.(lol XD)
2) Must be a Malaysian (Yup,I don't want anybody from other country,not even singapore.sorry to say that.)
3) Respect.( respect me and my family,and I shall respect him and his too.)
4) Honest and Trust.
5) Care. (sick of people who said care for me yet not doing so.)

Just as simple as that.I need no wealth,need no good looking guy nor somebody with fame and status.
Just a simple nice guy. As me myself not so perfect too.Sometimes I'm too childish,hot tempered,easy to get jealous,and being cry baby.But I can say that,I may look cool from outside,but I can just love someone wholeheartly

Its okay if no one dare to be my loved one.
I'm not so desperate to have one.
Not until my family ask me to find someone.
Lol..sounds funny.