Friday, December 30, 2011

The 100th post for this blog

2012 is just around the corner. Ask myself: What have I achieve all this year? What have I been through all this time ?

A lot.

When I mean a lot means a lot. Too much that I can remember exactly what have happened. The highlight of the year, as usual- money expenditures. 

I tried my best to spend wisely, and this year? I think I spent a LOT for the investment for future, risky I know. But hey, what's life if there is no risk at all? All of the investments I did physically I spent it for my family. Education investment for my dear niece and nephew and my life insurance. Wait, LIFE insurance ?!!! Surprise huh ? How many of you start to buy life insurance for yourself when you are 20? Not much I can say. Yeap 20 years old me buying life insurance with the devisee name family of course. hahaha. Don't worry I don't think someone would try to kill me and make it act like an accident to claim for the money. xD And follow by it definitely money spent on food, food, food, food, food, food, entertainment and lastly education. Hah ! Thats just me.

This year, I have became a senior(second year) in my university and first time being to have lots of junior.

This year, I had experienced beautiful, romantic and love story full with fantasy, in the end I let it go because all of it only can lives in dream.

This year, I have my all-time-being-I-not-so-secretly-admire-senior be my dearest boyfriend, and this time I make sure this is a real life romantic fantastic awesome love story, yeap another love story better than twilight I can say.

Lots of tears but there are much more laughters. Thank you guys and girls. Thank you mummy thank you sis thank you brother thank you laopos thank you dear thank you Lord.

Tata 2011, thanks and sorry.


Sunday, December 25, 2011



Tuesday, December 13, 2011

WHich one ?

 Recall back to primary/secondary school, i think I was number 3. But now in uni, I'm definitely student no. 11 whose always day dreaming while in the class. Anyway, both also have the same posture right??  hahahha

Friday, December 9, 2011

I'm living today

Was thinking what should I post in this blog. Well, a little update about me - I'm busy with assignments, but at least all of it is progressing; today got my another failed results for mid term exam, bla bla bla. Happy things happened too- My lecturer praised my team's presentation yesterday night for the human rights course, I had high-fived with my two teams in diff subjects because we were happy. Yeap happy. What else you expect to have in this life? We don't even know what the outcomes will be, but we do enjoyed the process. Of course the outcome will be important too. But at least when u enjoy the process, you won't care so much about the outcome though. I mean it.

Somehow I'm still feel grateful to able to breath now. Thank you Lord.
Hoping Lord Allah can have a liiiiiiittle bit mercy on me, let me grad from UKM schedulely and safely and grant me a normal life as others do. I need not to be above average,but not below average as well, just.. average. Amin-may Lord Allah grant my little wishes. I'm enjoying my life now: sweet, sour, bitter but hey come on, what is life about if you don't live it like riding roller coaster? 

When you are tired, why don't you stop and rest a while. Look above the skies and see what's up there.
When the skies are blue, so blue that it can put a happy charm on you.

When the skies are grey, so grey that you decides to find your own colours.

When the skies are red, so red that the passion of life rides on you.

When the skies are black, hey come on, there's stars that you need to see.
Even from the death valley, you can see the starry skies.