Tuesday, March 13, 2012

How can I love you not?

It was a moody day for me though not in the "period" of the month. Something was bothering me and I really can't get it through. Totally depressed and really need someone to .. to... I don't know..I just need someone. And there he is, my love. If I used to be alone, used to get stressed alone, used to depressed alone ; now I have him. I'm no more a lone ranger, cuz I know he's there for me.

He know that I was sad, he tried his best to cheer me up, brought me to a new place to have meal, asked me where I want to go and flip over whole bangi and kajang just to find a see-saw that I want to ride on. Eventhough we can't find one but his effort already swing away my gloomy feel in this little heart. Anyway we did get to a park and we met a really interesting auntie and a like-to-meow cat. The auntie told us many things included the story of suicide couple at the park happened years ago. Interesting.

At night, he found out that I have only biscuits and cereal drinks for dinner (for me the meal is enough though >_<) , he went to buy McD's porridge for me, and the "bye-bye fever" gel sheets for me. The moment I got those things actually I feel guilty in the same time felt so loved. So touched and almost make this cry baby shed a touched-tears. If I eat properly and take my medicine then he wouldn't have this much problem, ouwhh, sorry darling. Dear,I will listen to you and no more next time hopefully. well, instead of worrying me how bout you take good care of yourself also? Your backpain always make me worry and today you have sorethroat and cold?! T_T

Thank you for everything you've done, sacrifices you've made and,

I love you.