Monday, October 15, 2012


Just realize that X-Japan's Forever Love is the ending theme for X-1999(anime by CLAMP). No wonder sounds faniliar. X anime is really a nice anime, just that maybe it doesn't really entertaining cuz its a serious anime, no sense of humour at all(for me la xD) however it still an anime with very touching ending. I suggest those anime hardcore fans should really watch this anime, or maybe at least its manga. The anime's CG was actually quite nice if compared to other anime released around year 1999. *T^T* And it even have its movie version, with X japan's forever love~~~

(cry and cry)

X-One of the coolest anime I've ever watch,and sometimes the story can't really be understand by kids audience.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Craving for food

Recently my stomach keep yelling for food. I have no idea why the craving level increases over the time, but as a wise owner of this scumbag stomach, I need to have self control !!! Oh yeah~~~

Affordable burger and delicious too !!!
Maybe later will buy a burger for myself. Hopefully the burger stall in front of KTHO will open la~ Want to eat burger :)